Outdoors groups

Artek outdoors groups offer wonderful opportunities:

  • getting a feel for tourist adventures
  • teamwork, mutual support and assistance
  • getting to know and appreciate the nature of Crimea
  • learning practical everyday skills

Outdoors groups are formed after children arrive at Artek.

This program is intended for adolescents aged 15−16 without any prohibitive medical conditions.

In three weeks, experienced coaches will teach children how to:

  • use climbing equipment
  • tie and use 12 camping knots
  • navigate terrain with a compass
  • use rescue equipment and improvised means in case of emergencies
  • try a hand at a challenging tourist route
  • acquire botanical knowledge and become acquainted with the geography, history, culture and nature of Crimea

The equipment and the outdoor activity elements mentioned above are used both on Artek’s grounds and at the Krynichka and Dubrava camping sites.

The Artek outdoors groups have their own traditions, the oath ceremony being one of them.

It takes place in the evening. All Artek outdoors groups gather together by a cozy fire in a celebratory atmosphere. Experienced coaches talk about upcoming adventures, give welcoming remarks, and also administer the Tourist’s oath to the children. Outdoors groups stand for discipline, endurance, perseverance and patience, as well as responsibility for every word and deed. By putting on the tie and special uniform, the children accept this responsibility.

All children share the same goal: to discover and try new things, take part in fascinating journeys and compete in the Forest Battle.

The Forest Battle is what the children prepare for the entire session: a competition between outdoors groups from other Artek camps.

It includes 6 disciplines, with a certain number of children taking part in each of them:

  • getting through 10 stages of an obstacle race
  • knot-tying race
  • terrain navigation
  • ropes course
  • Cocoon rescue operation
  • quiz on local facts

The winning group receives the main prize – the Forest Battle Cup and first-place medals. Other participants receive certificates and medals.


t "Dubrava"

t "Crynychka"

  • the top of the Small Tuchel;

  • Cosimo-Dem monastery at the healing source of Savluh-su.

  • For the evening tourist song and Crimean legends around the campfire.

  • Sport games and relay races.

  • Conducting environmental actions.

  • equipped cave "Marble", "Emine-Bair-Khosar";

  • unequipped cave "Binbash-Koba";

  • Red rocks;