Artek has the necessary facilities for physical fitness and sports built to international standards. These include:

The Central Stadium, which meets FIFA standards for stadiums seating 7,000 spectators, including a 105 by 68 meter football field with synthetic grass; a six lane (1.2 meters wide each) 400 meter artificial surface running track; two long jump pits and one high jump pit; a shot put sector; and a water jump for the steeplechase. The stadium is outfitted for both sports and cultural events.

The Sports Palace is a huge complex with three volleyball courts, a basketball court, an indoor soccer court, halls for table tennis, aerobics, judo and freestyle wrestling, a chess room and a pneumatic shooting gallery.

Children can swim in a 25 by 14 meter heated seawater pool. Those who don’t know how to swim can attend swimming lessons in a 14 by 8 meter pool.

Four open-air seawater swimming pools are available in the summer.

All Artek camps have sports grounds with synthetic surfaces; many of them include outdoor workout equipment.

Training sessions and tennis competitions are held at three outdoor courts (two courts with artificial grass and one court with synthetic surface).

A sports center that accommodates an indoor mini-soccer court, a tennis court, and volleyball and basketball courts is used for training and competitions. Tennis lessons are held here in the winter.

Children may also choose extra sports activities if they desire.

Artek offers the following physical fitness and sports courses:


Soccer is a popular game around the world. Many children want to be like their idols, but dreaming is not enough. At Artek, they can start playing soccer, learning the rules and basic techniques.

Table tennis

A master can perform miracles with a paddle and a lightweight ball. Table tennis is excellent for improving coordination, agility, attention and reaction. Those who work hard are sure to achieve success.


Chess is good for improving spatial awareness, memory, determination, logical and problem solving skills in a limited time amid pressure mounted by your opponent. It also teaches you to assume personal responsibility for the decisions you make. Chess is a captivating intellectual game that is very useful in every respect.

Fitness aerobics

Fitness aerobics is a popular, emotional and highly effective form of recreational gymnastics.

Fitness aerobics is popular because it is based on simple conditioning exercises that do not require special equipment. Aerobic movements and combinations will build muscular strength, establish correct posture and gait and teach the general culture of movements and conduct. By practicing an aerobic routine, you will increase endurance, improve joint flexibility and build strength.


“Judo is the way to the most effective use of both physical and spiritual strength. By training you in attacks and defenses it refines your body and your soul and helps you make the spiritual essence of Judo a part of your very being. In this way you are able to perfect yourself and contribute something of value to the world. This is the final goal of Judo discipline.” These words by Kano Jigoro, the founder of Judo, have not changed with time, thought they were uttered about a century ago.


Cheerleading can be divided into team cheering competitions based on special rules, and cheering for sports teams, clubs and federations to attract audiences (fans) to stadiums and sports centers, create a positive moral and psychological atmosphere at the stadium and support the competitors. Anyone can become a cheerleader: big and small, strong and weak, perky and shy. Physical fitness, an ability to communicate with peers and a positive attitude help bring out inherent talents, leadership qualities and the ability to face their complexes and strive for success.


Volleyball is one of the most popular mass sports. Playing volleyball involves dealing with and quickly reacting to various game situations, lots of jumping and a rapidly changing intensity of the physical and emotional load. Taken together, this has a beneficial effect on the body and helps you improve your health and live longer.

“You too can become an Olympian” is the sports motto of children at Artek. Olympic and Paralympic champions, and masters of sport famous in Russia and the world come to Artek to show children that you can achieve the desired result through hard work and training.