Psychological service

Artek’s psychological service is a team of caring people whose job is to ensure that every child has a comfortable stay at the center. These competent professionals provide socio-psychological support and psychological and pedagogical assistance for campers and employees of Artek alike. Close cooperation between experienced educational psychologists and the teaching and medical staff of Artek is the key to providing timely, high-quality assistance.

Brief history:

  • 1992: Qualified practicing psychologists begin working at Artek.
  • 2002: A psychological service is set up, bringing together all the practicing psychologists of Artek, and the first statute on the psychological service is approved.
  • 2011: The psychological service becomes a division of Artek, with its staff diversified and expanded (new posts are introduced – a child counsellor and a methodologist for the entire service) and responsibilities that include conducting research, and developing and implementing new methods of organizing effective psychological support for the educational process at Artek camps.

Every year, our professional toolkit is expanded with new knowledge and invaluable experience in organizing recreation for children in need of psychological support. We have carried out successful rehabilitation programs for children who survived the tragedies of Beslan, Alchevsk, flooding in Ukraine, etc. Our specialists use the excellent natural recreational opportunities of the southern coast of Crimea to create a therapeutic environment.

Educational psychologists provide psychological support for educational programs of thematic sessions and festivals hosted by Artek.

The psychological service cooperates with leading universities on research, methodological support, career programs, and personnel.

Educational psychologists help children work through challenges like:

  • difficulty adapting to new environments
  • homesickness
  • difficulty understanding themselves and others
  • needing to be heard and supported
  • searching for the right decision in a difficult situation
  • problems communicating with peers and members of the opposite sex
  • needing to always display one’s self and abilities in the best light

Educational psychologists work with parents to:

  • inform them about their child’s well-being and comfort level at camp
  • resolve difficulties in communicating with their child
  • jointly develop the most effective ways of interacting with their child


The psychological service staff work with teachers to help:

  • resolve conflicts and relieve any tension in the group
  • facilitate teacher-student communication
  • organize effective interaction with colleagues
  • build team spirit and prevent emotional burnout and stress
  • help plan the program of activities
  • promote the appropriate allocation of human resources in the camp

Educational psychologists conduct group sessions at Artek camps, while also providing individual counseling for children and employees, implement psychological studio programs and other educational programs, direct student psychological practicums and collaborate with Artek management on planning activities, forming an educational team, and resolving conflicts. An important area of the psychological service’s work is helping train young counselors and educators at Artek camps.

Attention parents! If you are sending your child to the camp, please remember:

Sending your child to Artek will be a completely different experience for them.

The adaptation process does not always go smoothly and can include tears, complaints, sadness, and requests to be picked up. If possible, do not give in during this difficult time, but rather encourage your child and express confidence that it will get better. Your support will help your child get through this transition period and build relationships with peers, greatly impacting their future ability to adapt to new environments, overcome difficulties and thrive while finding their place in a team.

  • if there is no urgent need, try to limit the number of phone calls. Life at Artek is filled with various activities, group projects and trips. Give your child a chance to immerse themselves in this magical world of childhood creativity.
  • Steadfast support and caring words are the best way to help your child thrive at Artek.

The psychological service of the Artek educational complex is an integral part of the state system of physical and mental health protection for children and youth and seeks to create optimal conditions for personal development.

Feel free to contact our professional team:

Director of the Psychological Service: Lidiya Chunikhina +7 (978) 734 0020

Deputy Director of the Psychological Service: Lidiya Kolyvushko +7 (978) 742 4851

Educational psychologists: Viktoria Tyumentseva, Anastasia Rudneva.

Should you need us, we are always ready to help.