2004 B.D
Republic Of Crimea, Sevastopol

Mikhail comes from a family with many children. His father was killed in the line of duty. Misha lives with his granny, Yelena Ronskaya. In spite of all difficulties, he graduated from the ninth grade and entered the Sevastopol Information Technology and Industry College. Mikhail came to Camp Morskoi for the 10th session via the Artek Miloserdie charity program. It is hoped that he will meet new friends here and discover the happy world of childhood.

Mikhail Ronskoi, 15 years old:  “I know Artek is the greatest children’s center where only the best and most talented children go. I think that all children should have a chance to go to a children’s center to get well and make new friends, even if it is not as famous and beautiful as Artek. When my granny told me that I was presented with an entry permit to Artek, I was surprised. I did not expect this. At first, I didn’t believe her and thought it was a joke. Later it turned out to be true and the trip was going to happen. Of course, I am very happy. Everybody at the college where I am studying to become an electrician was happy for me. When they found out on September 1 that I was leaving for Artek, they were really glad.”

The permit for a free stay at Artek was given by the Korsun Charity Foundation, which supports social projects. 

They were lucky to find their sponsor.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      However, there are other children who cannot wait for your help in the hope of receiving an entry permit to Artek’s childhood country.

The permit for Zlatoslavy Charitable Foundation provided support for social projects “Korsun”
Lucky find his benefactor, but there are other children who are looking forward to your help and hope to get a start in the nursery to “Artek”
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