2004 B.D
Donetsk Region, Zhdanovka

Alexandra’s family suffered from a shelling: the girl was injured, her father and younger brother were killed and her mother was disabled. The Donetsk administration asked Artek to help Alexandra and take her for treatment and a rehabilitation course. Little Sasha needs the Artek sun and human care.

Oleg Voronenko, a sponsor from Germany. 

Oleg Voronenko: “I was in Artek in 1978. Camp Ozyorny, the Baikal Building, the May–June session. What was it like? “Raise your hands and clap and let everyone see: you have something to be proud of, because you are from Artek”; this is my motto for life. I would like Artek to regain its reputation as the most significant reward for successful children and as a place where ideals free from politics and business are fostered. I will continue to take part in the charity program.”

The 1978 Artek member presented Alexandra Piven with a permit for a stay at our camp.
Sasha came to Artek for the ninth session starting on August 9, 2015
The entry permit cost 65,000 rubles

Sasha Piven: I liked Artek very much. I’ve made new friends. I have a new friend, Oksana, whom I can already call my sister. When it was hard for me to carry on, she supported me. I wish her success, happiness and good health. I hope that we will keep in touch. The thing I remember most is a trip to the Suuk-Su Museum; it was wonderful there. I loved my team, which was very friendly and funny. I would like to meet them again and to visit Artek once again.”



The permit for Zlatoslavy Charitable Foundation provided support for social projects “Korsun”
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