2004 B.D
Donetsk Region, Uglegorsk

Vitaly survived shelling and bombardment in the basement of an apartment building. He went to the roof and put out the fires alongside adults. His school was destroyed during an attack. The boy hopes that Artek will bring him back to his childhood, into a world full of love and care. We believe that Artek will help him to recuperate psychologically and make him smile happily once again.

Vitaly Konstantinov: In Artek, I was fascinated with the sea: it is so blue and powerful, it seems endless. I was also surprised that jellyfish can be so large. I remember the unusual and mysterious atmosphere of the mountain when we hiked to Ayu-Dag, where we held the Artek consecration ceremony. I took a photo of Artek and the bay from there. It is a very beautiful and impressive view. I went to psychology classes, where we learned how to meditate and took various tests. Now I will be able to recognize the character traits of my teammates and find out what they are thinking about.”

Vitaly received a permit for a free stay at Artek from the Korsun Charity Foundation, which supports social projects.

The permit for Zlatoslavy Charitable Foundation provided support for social projects “Korsun”
Lucky find his benefactor, but there are other children who are looking forward to your help and hope to get a start in the nursery to “Artek”
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