2004 B.D
Republic of Bashkortostan , Beloretsky District

Yevgeny is a finalist of the 2016 I Want to Go to Artek contest (the contest is organized by the Artek International Children’s Center in cooperation with Russian Post). Yevgeny comes from a family with five children. His father has very poor eyesight, and children do their best to help their parents around the house. The boy was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease. Yevgeny’s motto is: While my heart is still beating, I can beat any problem! 

When I was getting ready to go to Artek, I thought that I would like to make new friends there. I got into a specialized group devoted to the Club of the Funny and Inventive People (a famous Russian TV show). There I learned how to make jokes which are funny but not offensive or insulting. In Artek, each day is planned right down to the last minute! What really impressed me was the carnival, group events and trips around Crimea. I made such great friends, and we will stay in touch in social networks” says Yevgeny.

Klaudia and Yevgeny know the name of the person who bought them Artek vacation vouchers: it is Oleg. “We want to thank him so much for helping us to get to this amazing camp, and making our dream come true! We would like to choose a good profession after finishing school, go to university, and help the camp, so that other children could also have such a great time here!” say the siblings.

The permit for Zlatoslavy Charitable Foundation provided support for social projects “Korsun”
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