2004 B.D
Republic of Crimea , Dmitrovka village

Dmitry is a finalist of the I Want to Go to Artek contest (the contest is organized by the Artek International Children’s Center in cooperation with Russian Post).

Dmitry was diagnosed with ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis), but it does not prevent him from living a fulfilling life. He goes to school with other children, participates in contests and competitions. The boy dreamed about seeing the wonderful landscapes, the sea, and the legendary Ayu-Dag Mountain, and to experience this unique friendly atmosphere. He was also greatly impressed with Samantha Smith’s story. “I want there to be peace everywhere in this world, and I want people to live happily. It would be better if people paid more attention to sports, science, education, medicine, and other things that really matter,” Dmitry wrote in his letter for the I Want to Go to Artek contest.

Dmitry got his voucher from the QIWI company. “We don’t just teach children to be financially literate; we want them to be kind. We picked up the torch of kindness and helped this boy fulfil his dream,” says Yelena Lutsenko, head of QIWI educational projects.

In Artek, I made lots of new friends. And during the extracurricular electronics class, I learned how to put together complex electronic schemes, and used such a scheme to make a recorder! At home, I have an electronic construction kit of the first level, and here I solved third level problems, which is way more fun. I am grateful to Artek for the wonderful time I had here. I wish our camp happiness, love, and more children coming over here. And I have only one thing to say to QIWI: Thank you!” says Dmitry.

The permit for Zlatoslavy Charitable Foundation provided support for social projects “Korsun”
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