2004 B.D
Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan

Albert suffers from asthma, and he gets better only by the sea. Albert has a younger brother who is disabled. “It seems to me that my mom is ready to give up her life and her heart for us to be healthy. If I had a wishing flower with seven wishes, I would use it on just two important wishes. The first one is for everyone in my family to be healthy, and the second one is for me to go to Artek and swim in the sea a lot, so that I could forget about coughing forever, and meet this amazing group of kids coming here from all over the boundless Russia…” the boy wrote in his letter.

Albert’s dream to go to Artek was fulfilled by a philanthropist who wished to stay anonymous. Thanks to this woman, the boy got a chance to breathe the healing Crimean air, find new friends, and start to believe in himself and the kindness of humanity.

I heard that Artek is an old camp, and it has changed a lot in recent years. When I found out that I would come here, I couldn’t stop smiling. At the camp, I made a lot of new friends. One of the best memories is our trip to Sevastopol on Victory Day. It is a very beautiful place, and a Hero City. And what’s more, in these three weeks I have mastered a new skill – printmaking. I studied various techniques and learned how a real etching press operates” remembers Albert.

The permit for Zlatoslavy Charitable Foundation provided support for social projects “Korsun”
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