Artek Miloserdie charity foundation

The International Child Centre "Artek" is looking to cooperate with companies, charity foundations and everyone who is willing to help disadvantaged children.

Artek receives letters from children who have a dream but cannot make it come true without your assistance. Many of them live in zones of hostilities, man-made disasters or natural hazards. They have experienced fear, pain, stress and the shock of losing their loved ones, but they haven’t lost heart and they don’t give up. Instead, they are fighting disease, helping adults and saving their peers. Socially active and talented, they take part in contests and study hard.

Let’s help them achieve their dreams.

You can buy vouchers to Artek for these children or help them make their other dreams come true. This will make them believe in themselves, in the kindness of others and in a world where children are loved, respected and taken care of.

Your help can change their lives.

Let’s come together to give children a happy childhood!

"Artek-charity" - the plot in the program "Vesti" on TV channel "Russia"
Voronenko Oleg
sponsor from Germany
Artek resident 1978. Oleg Voronenko gave Alexander Piven a place in our camp. Sasha arrived in "Artek" on the 9-th shift 09.08.2015
Oleg Voronenko: "I was in "Artek" in 1978. Lake camp, building "Baikal" , the change from may to June. What was it like? "Raise your hands and clap, let you see everything, because you should be proud - you Artek resident!", that's my motto for life. I would like to "Artek" has regained its glory of the main rewards for successful guys and where instill ideals without politics and business. I'm going to continue to participate in the program of mercy".
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