Camp Lesnoi
Children's camp "Forest" - one of the four camps of the complex "Coastal", was opened in 1963. Accepts 400 guys per shift. Located in the heart of "Artek". Next to d. "Lesnoy" are the concert and pop complex "Artek-Arena", which every shift gathers the whole "Artek"

Camp Lesnoi (Forest) opened in 1963. Its five new two-story dormitories – Ryabina (Rowan), Kalina (Viburnum), Klyon (Maple), Sosna (Pine) and Topol (Cottonwood) – opened after renovations in June 2016. Lesnoi is part of the Pribrezhny complex. It is open from May through October and can take 400 children at a time. After the renovation, the floor space in the dormitory buildings almost doubled. They include sleeping rooms for six and halls for group activities with TV sets and projection equipment. Like other Artek camps, Lesnoi features a barrier-free environment with ramps and elevators. Each building has large areas and observation platforms for educational and artistic projects for small and large groups, such as thematic programs, meetings with interesting people, rehearsals and performances.

The camp also has new sports grounds and exercise equipment, as well as one of Artek’s largest festival areas seating over 3,000 people.

Photogallery of the camp Lesnoi