Artek Media groups

Artek Media is Artek’s media center for children, where they can try their hand at various aspects and forms of media. They learn about:

  • he basics of working in the media industry
  • navigating the media landscape
  • creating competitive, up-to-date content
  • how to use professional equipment
  • live broadcasting
  •  how to find and tell stories

During the initiation of young media pros the children sign Artek Media plates and break them ahead of the Media Battle for good luck. The fragments are kept by the kids as a keepsake.

Artek Media groups are formed after the children arrive at Artek. Anyone between the ages of 12 and 17 can join.

Children participate in workshops and create:

  • their own movies
  • photos
  • television programs
  • radio programs
  • a newspaper
  • cartoons
  • social media marketing content

The media content is made available to the public (mostly on, social media groups, YouTube channels, etc.) and within the camp (the movies are broadcast in dining rooms, the radio plays at school).

Children have classes with professional journalists from Artek’s media partners, such as RenTV, Rossiya Segodnya, and Young Journalist. Classes are held daily.

The main event for media students is the Media Battle in which media groups from each camp vie for the title of best group.

There are various categories in the Media Battle, including newspapers, SMM, interviews on a given topic, cartoon voice-over and others. Contestants are judged by the presidents of camps and Artek teachers.

Kids from media groups wear special uniforms, and ride a minibus in order to progress through the battle faster.