Specialized marine groups

If you want to know the sea and see the scarlet sunrise on the horizon, to taste storm spray and hear the sail whipping above your head, to feel the weight of the oar and test your character and strength of will, sign up for a marine group!

Marine groups are formed after the children arrive at Artek.

This program is designed for teenagers aged 15−16 who do not have any prohibitive medical conditions and are able to swim.

In three weeks, experienced coaches will teach you to:tie and use in practice 14 sailing knots

  • row and sail a boat
  • use rescue equipment and improvised means in case of emergencies at sea
  • communicate using semaphore flags

Rowing technique is practiced during sea trips in the picturesque waters surrounding Artek. Boats of marine groups pass between the Prince Islands following the course of Odysseus, sail into the depths of the Pushkin and Emerald grottoes, and practice going overboard in life jackets off the cape of Ayu-Dag mountain.

Over the course of many years, marine groups have developed their own traditions. One of them is the Open Waters Evening, conducted after the first outing at sea. During the official ceremony that evening, children receive their naval uniform which gives them a sense of belonging to the great Russian Navy with its traditions and history full of heroic acts.

Another solemn ceremony which makes an indelible impression on all those present is the laying of a memorial wreath in the water as a tribute to all seamen who perished.                               

Each session ends in the nautical all-around competition between the marine groups of various Artek camps, an exciting spectacle which includes:

  • boat racing
  • knot-tying race
  • tug of war
  • see swimming
  • and a singing contest at the end

The winning group receives the Artek Children's Marine Flotilla Cup and an opportunity to go out to sea again to watch the sunrise.

Classes at sea

Frequency: 2−3 times a week

Duration: 2.5−3 hours

The fleet stands for discipline, endurance, perseverance and patience, as well as responsibility for every word and every gesture. And by putting on the naval uniform, the children take on this responsibility.