Youth Diplomacy School to open at Artek

On December 26, 2017 a cooperation agreement was signed by Artek, the Diplomatic Academy of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, the Artek Support Fund, the Diplomatic Club Association of Representatives of the Diplomatic, Academic and Cultural Community and the Foreign Ministry’s Secondary Boarding School. The signing ceremony took place in the Diplomatic Academy.

The agreement provides for the implementation of educational and career-oriented awareness-raising projects at Artek as well as the participation of Diplomatic Academy students in them, expert support for Artek’s international activities, the opening of the Youth Diplomacy Department and hosting the annual Model UN in Artek.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov cordially greeted the participants of the ceremony. In a letter sent to the participants of the agreement, he noted that, at this challenging time in international affairs, youth diplomacy helps maintain friendship, trust and mutual understanding between nations, and emphasized that the Foreign Ministry will continue doing all it can to promote exchanges between young Russians and their foreign peers.

“The implementation of the agreement, including the holding of many events at Artek, will make a useful contribution to the efforts in this area, and will help bring up the younger generation in the spirit of eternal spiritual and moral ideals common to all major world religions, cultures and civilizations. I am sure that your joint activities will be productive and will help carry out much needed cultural programs aimed, among other things, at strengthening the international positions of the Russian language and Russian culture,” Lavrov said in conclusion.

Speaking at the ceremony, Artek Director Alexei Kasprzhak spoke about how Artek’s long-standing reputation as “a world center for youth diplomacy and a real venue of international and youth interaction.”

“During their visit to Artek in 2017, foreign journalists suggested making it a youth UN base that will facilitate dialogue between cultures and help children follow their desire to learn more about each other,” Kasprzhak said.

The agreement was signed by:

Artek Director Alexei Kasprzhak

Rector of the Diplomatic Academy Yevgeny Bazhanov, on behalf of the Academy

Chairman of the Artek Support Fund Alexander Ryabinin

Director of the Diplomatic Club Association of Representatives of the Diplomatic, Academic and Cultural Community Yekaterina Molodtsova

Director of the Foreign Ministry’s Secondary Boarding School Olga Kudryashova, on behalf of the Foreign Ministry