Young diplomats present unique art object to Artek

Artek has a new objet d’art, a ceramic wall panel Children – Ambassadors of Peace. Tiles made in the form of clouds inscribed with the names of various countries have been installed on the wall at Camp Khrustalny (Crystal). Created by the young participants of the Children – Ambassadors of Peace program, the panel means that all of us representatives of various nations live under the same sky and must preserve peace on Earth.

Natalya Popova, Head of the Directorate for Innovative Youth Programs and Professional Guidance at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, congratulated the children on the unveiling of the panel. She pointed out that this creative project had connected the Children – Ambassadors of Peace program with the theme of this session and also tied together the hearts of children from 18 countries.

The young diplomats said that the objet d’art was an opportunity to leave a mark in Artek’s history and to show gratitude for the wonderful time they had there.

“It was an incredible session! I will never forget the professional lessons we had. They were very interesting and instructive. The idea of this project – to bring together people from various countries and to show that children can work for peace – is really cool,” Ivan Zinovyev from Moscow said. “I would like to become a diplomat, and I did feel like a real diplomat at Artek. Besides, I brushed up on my English language skills. I would like to say the following to the children who will come to Artek for the next sessions: Live peacefully and honestly. Don’t look at other people through the prism of propaganda. Try to develop your own views and always think twice before saying anything.”

“This is my first time at Artek. I have met interesting people and made new friends here,” said Eldar Ovsanov from Israel. “It doesn’t matter where we have come from. What is important is that we are children, and we must live in peace with each other.”

This Artek session was an interesting and useful experience not only for children but also for the international volunteers who accompanied them for three weeks.

“I’ve never been to such a large camp before. We gave lessons, supervised creative projects and worked as interpreters. It was a great responsibility,” said Veronika Selyukova, a volunteer from Britain. “I feel that I’ve acquired new skills here. The children are wonderful, and I will have fond memories of the time I spent here.”