Veliky Ustyug’s Father Frost turns the lights on,on the Artek Christmas tree and opens his “younger brother’s” residence

The Artek International Children’s Camp has recently welcomed the country’s main magician, Father Frost. He came to the “capital of childhood” on board a helicopter on an important mission – to open a residence and choose a helper that will become Artek’s own Father Frost for the winter holidays.

Father Frost was invited to Artek by children, who sent to Veliky Ustyug many greetings and letters on the occasion of his birthday.

Alexei Kasprzhak, director of ICC Artek, supported the children’s initiative. “The ability to show initiative is one of the main qualities that children acquire in Artek,” he said. Together with children, the camp’s director came to greet the country’s main magician at Artek’s Dvortsovaya Square. There, Father Frost performed his first New Year miracle for the camp: he turned the lights on, on Artek’s largest Christmas tree, which would later become the main venue for New Year festivities held for children from various Russian regions. “Now, when I look in your eyes, I see gleams of hope and kindness,” Father Frost said to the Artek children. “And, with all my heart, I want all the wishes that you have made to come true. I will always be helping you with my magic. It is a good cause, because I know that good deeds will be done here.” Afterwards, he wished the children all the best on the forthcoming winter holidays and announced the opening of the residence of his helper – Artek’s own Father Frost. He also added that his helper would be granted magical powers, too.

Together with the children from the Morskoi camp, Father Frost had a walk around Artek, tasted the local ice-cream and also tested for magical powers the gingerbread cookies, which had been made by Artek’s aspiring chefs in order to decorate the Christmas tree and treat friends. The children’s meeting with the country’s main New Year magician concluded with a photoshoot and numerous selfies. The residence is open, the Christmas tree is lit – now the New Year spirit lives in every child at Artek, who truly believes in miracles and good deeds.

“Today I was so excited to meet the master of snowstorms and blizzards,” said Veronika Zagarulka from Rostov-on-Don. “Even though I do not believe in Father Frost as much as I used to in my childhood, I still believe in good deeds.”

“My heart is rejoicing – not only did I just meet Father Frost today, I also touched him by his sleeve and wished to be given a dog next year,” said Eva Zakharyevskaya from Novocherkassk, who was also full of emotions. “I am dreaming about a dog. Everyone wants a present from Father Frost, and I wish him health and happiness, so that he could always be smiling and bring good things to both children and adults.”

“To me, Father Frost is magic, he is happiness!” said Angelina Alekseyeva from Irkutsk. “Everything that happened to us today was great, it was like a dream! Father Frost flew in by helicopter, like a true magician, and made the children’s wish come true by opening his helper’s residence here.”

“Today we saw real Father Frost,” Angelina’s friend Mariya Fyodorova added. “Of course, he is different from his helpers, because he is more magical. Even though I am far from being a child, for me Father Frost still is a beautiful fairytale that is worth believing in. Of course, I am very happy that Artek has organized such an amazing meeting for us. Everything was for real: the helicopter, the traditional event of turning the Christmas tree lights on. There was so much kindness andso many smiles around.”

Pavel Yelfimov from Voronezh asked Father Frost to come to Artek more often to make children as happy as he made them that day. “His visit evoked the New Year spirit in everyone here,” he said. “I am sure that this session will be the most magical for every single one of us!”