Six lessons for novice golfers at Artek

At Artek, it takes just one week to learn to play golf. Artek offers SNAG training sessions, where it is easy to learn the basics of the classic game and get some idea of its history and rules. Players practice basic shots – the roll, chip, pitch and launch – while playing, at the same time acquiring strategic thinking skills.

SNAG-golf at Artek is a program that teaches the basics of golf in a fast, easy and exciting way. No need for a golf course – the equipment can be used anywhere, in a gym or outdoors – on any flat or uneven surface. All the items are brightly colored and easy to use – from clubs and golf balls to targets and a variety of additional tools to improve player technique.

For example, to control the form of the swing, there are hoops with multi-colored sections. The position of the hands will help adjust the SNAG-O-Matis tool, which is attached to the handle of the club. The SNAGazoo device will click to indicate that the swing is done properly. A roller brush will help a beginner get a feel for the subtle movement necessary to perform a roll. Thus, in just six sessions, users can become one with the ball and club, even those who have never heard of SNAG-golf.

Yanina Baker (the Polivoi camp) from the Primorye Territory: “At first, I was attracted to this game because of its name. It was the first time I’d heard of SNAG-golf and decided to try it. I never expected to be so impressed!

Nikita Fadeyev (the Lazurny camp) from the Kostroma Region said he would recommend SNAG-golf to those who want to develop concentration and accuracy in golf: “I chose the SNAG-golf class because I wanted a new experience and to have fun. I had a good time. The most difficult thing is to learn how to swing properly. The most interesting thing is the result, when your strategy is right and the ball reaches the hole. I like this game because it teaches me to think