Scarlet Sails Children’s Film Festival ends at Artek

The 25th Scarlet Sails International Children’s Film Festival ended at Artek on July 8.  During the eight-day festival, 3,300 children from 14 countries and 57 Russian regions watched 28 feature and animated films, made short films under guidance from film stars and sat on the Children’s Grand Jury to choose the festival’s winners.

The children’s jury awarded the main prize to Spacewalk, a historical drama film about the first walk in space made by Dmitry Kiselyov. The film premiered in the spring of 2017.  At Artek, it won in The Best of the Best nomination.

The Scarlet Sails International Children’s Film Festival has two goals: to promote the film industry and children’s education. This is why the festival’s official selection at Artek also included the screening of the best Soviet and Russian films. This year, the children at Artek watched the Scarlet Sails, a film about dreaming and believing in your dreams based on a romantic story by Alexander Grin. After the screening, the children met with the film’s leading man, Vasily Lanovoi, who presided over the film festival at Artek.

The children also took part in shooting short films under guidance from famous film directors and actors. The Children’s Grand Jury composed of all kids who were at Artek during the festival session rated these short films at the closing ceremony.

They awarded the main prize to The Terminator’s Smile, a comedy about a boy at Artek who associated himself with the Terminator. The film was made by children from Camp Rechnoi with actor Yegor Salnikov. The adult jury gave this film the award for best director.

The adult jury also liked the film High Five, a positive comedy about life at Artek produced by actors Yevgenia Bordzilovskaya and Denis Buzin at Camp Kiparisny.

To watch the films shot by the children at Artek, go to LINK.