Russian international children’s camp rankings to be developed – Artek director

On April 18, 2018, on the first day of the Moscow International Education Fair (MIEF), Director of the Artek International Children’s Center Alexei Kasprzhak announced the launch of a project to develop an international ranking for children’s camps. He said that the new global academic ranking would improve the competitiveness of Russian education abroad because Russian children’s camps and extracurricular activities in general are among the best in the world.

Speaking at a Russian Ministry of Education and Science panel discussion on the theme of International Cooperation in Children’s Recreation, Alexei Kasprzhak said: “It makes sense to show the world our children’s camp system as a competitive interface of the Russian education system. We are currently discussing with our partners the development of an international ranking to present our education to the global community.”

The Artek director said that Russia “has a unique system of extracurricular activities and children’s camps. The support of these camps, not only at the federal level, but the overall support, is unique. Here, we will definitely be the world leader.”

Kasprzhak believes that as well as improving the international reputation of Russian education, the launch of global camp rankings will benefit the Russian education system and the export of education services. “It will attract attention to our system. According to our estimates, the existing market is underdeveloped and we should improve it and attract investment. But we should do this at the international level to achieve serious results,” he said.

“If we manage to present our system of children’s camps and extracurricular education on the international stage and arouse interest, it will facilitate the growth of the entire industry,” Kasprzhak concluded.