Residents of Artek shared their views on friendship at the Summit of Young Ambassadors

Young diplomats from different parts of Russia gathered at the Morskoy children's camp. On August 15, the children took part in the Summit of Young Peace Ambassadors, where they shared their idea of friendship with a warm circle of friends.

For Artek residents, friendship has always been one of the most important values, because, as it is known, if you find a friend in Artek, you will never forget him. Therefore, the children dedicated their creative numbers to the main theme of the Summit - friendship in all its manifestations. Each participant was able to tell what friendship means to him.

“Thanks to this session, I realized that friendship is, first of all, mutual respect: when you know your boundaries and respect the boundaries of another person. At the same time, you do not interfere with each other, you have a very warm relationship,” Evelina Valova from Izhevsk shared her idea of friendship.

“Friendship for me is a very warm and trusting relationship with a person to whom you can entrust all your secrets, whom you support, worry about them,” said Sabir Ramazanov from Makhachkala.

Each performance was the result of the close-knit work of a whole group. Artek residents listened carefully to the opinion of each member of their group and together they created amazing creative stories reflecting friendly relations and the importance of preserving peace on Earth. They demonstrated their creative works to other groups.

“In our performance, we showed that wars lead to human tragedies. Our main message is that it depends only on us whether we will repeat the mistakes of the past or learn to build our future, learning from the lessons of history,” said Grigory Ulybyshev from Moscow about the performance of his group.

The Summit of Young Peace Ambassadors united the children, gave every Artek resident an opportunity to realize their creative abilities and helped to understand that, despite different ideas about friendship, we are all united by a warm and indestructible feeling called FRIENDSHIP!

“The most important thing is that the children today showed different emotions of friendship. Their performances were so philosophical, sincere, meaningful. They showed that friendship can happen with a smile and with tears. But all the same, it is friendship that teaches them to feel, help each other, support each other in moments of joy and in difficult moments,” noted Natalya Popova, head of the Department for the Development of Innovative Youth Programs and Career Guidance of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Summit of Young Peace Ambassadors was held within the framework of the international program "Children - Young Ambassadors of Peace", which is implemented jointly with the Artek ICC by the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the Main Production and Commercial Administration for Services to the Diplomatic Corps under the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Diplomatic Club.