New libraries open at Artek camps

Starting this session, multimedia facilities opening at Artek children’s camps will provide unlimited access to content in every literary genre. Here, children can read their favorite books and reserve them through an online catalogue if they are not immediately available. They can also join the book-crossing project Read and Share. These libraries are part of Artek’s overall multimedia library system that was launched in 2017. Since then, the 30,000-volume library has received an additional 1,500 books and continues to expand.

The Artek library is becoming a popular place where children and adults can interact and develop skills. Since early 2017, Artek’s media database has become a modern educational resource center where children learn to use new information technology and work with data. Lessons are provided in the form of online educational modules, conferences and seminars. This is a place where camp counselors and educators work together.

New libraries have opened this session at four children’s camps, including Yantarny, Khrustalny, Morskoi and Kiparisny. Children browsing the unusual book shelves will find books to help them carry out team projects and improve themselves. There are many interesting books to read and discuss with friends. If a book is currently unavailable, it can be reserved through the online catalogue. All libraries feature computers and the Internet, which is all they need to access this electronic system. Just go to the Artek website, fill out the form and reserve the book. Campers can also use their own devices after installing a special mobile app. Books are generally received within 24 hours.

These new libraries at camps open up new opportunities for book-crossing projects. The new libraries have special book-crossing shelves and rooms. Launched during the 11th session in 2017, the book-crossing project Read and Share is actively supported by children. Children bring books to Artek and leave them on book-crossing shelves with notes commenting on the books.

Each library has a clerk who helps visitors and orders new volumes to reflect the themes of the different camp sessions. During the 15th New Year session, children were offered books and magazines on New Year traditions and fairy tales with happy endings. The shelves also feature scientific and historical books, adventure novels and regional histories. This year, libraries will open at every children’s camp in Artek.

Yulia Polishchuk, a senior instructor from the information-library sector of the organizational-methodological directorate, discussed the development of Artek’s library system. “Its multimedia center is connected to various databases, including the Online University Library, the Russian State Library and Cyber-Leninka. Readers can also use the Litres-Artek electronic network offering over 100,000 print and audio books of various genres. Printed material remains highly popular despite the development of new technologies. Artek has signed an agreement with the Yeltsin Presidential Library. From now on, Artek’s educators, instructors and MA students will be able to use a major digital media resource containing over 42,000 documents on the history of Russian statehood and theoretical and practical aspects of the Russian language,” she noted.

The first visitors shared their impressions of this innovation.

“There are very many information magazines resembling small encyclopedias here. There are book series about different countries of the world, about different plants and animals, abut sea life. It is interesting to read and leaf through them, and their design is very important for young readers,” Inna Kostyuk from the Simferopol District noted. “I like to read printed books, which evokes the feelings of a cozy home. I will certainly order the novel “On the Sunny Side of the Street” by Dina Rubina and reread it,” she added.          

Sandzhe Chemizov from Elista, Kalmykia, believes that Artek is introducing cutting-edge technology. “Today, we can reserve books using electronic devices anywhere in the children’s center. I like the fact that our library has a lot of scientific literature. I was attracted by a book on oceanology, and I will certainly reserve books by Stephen King, my favorite author,” he noted.