Space session opens at Artek

The First International Space Session has opened with Yury Gagarin’s legendary exclamation, “Let’s Go!” at Artek.

On April 7, the First International Space Session opened at Gagarin Camp Khrustalny, bringing together young space explorers from Russia and 22 other countries.

Over 1,600 young people are involved in the current session, including 200 school students with a deep interest in cosmonautics, who are participants in educational programs of the Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities and the Samara-based Academician Korolyov National Research University.

Children will eat space food and speak live with crew members of the International Space Station. They will take part in a model rocket championship and a satellite photo session. In addition, they will work at specialized Samara University laboratories and gain new knowledge and skills in aircraft and rocket modeling, robotics, Space Age information technology and 3D modeling. By the end of their session, these young space researchers will even build a nano-satellite model.

“The Artek-Roscosmos-Samara University partnership focuses on children’s direct dialogue with space-industry professionals and the creation of a practical result-oriented educational infrastructure at the camp. Thousands of children can display their creative skills while working on technical projects,” said Alexei Kasprzhak, Director of the Artek International Children’s Center.

Camp Khrustalny, which is named after Yury Gagarin, the first man in space, was not chosen by chance. The Center’s space history has been written here for many years, and modern generations of Artek visitors, including young researchers and engineers, winners of the Sputnik national competition, will write its new pages here.

“When we launched this competition in October 2016, we had no idea that its final chapter would be so wonderful,” said Andrei Gavrilov, Deputy Rector of the Samara-based Academician Korolyov National Research University. “This year is quite symbolic, and I would like to note that it also marks the 110th anniversary of the birth of the brilliant rocket and spacecraft designer Sergei Korolyov, a great person. I hope that you will promote the development of science just like him, invent new things and engage in creative work. Reach for the stars – reach for the top!” he said.

Yevgeny Stepanov, Director of the Roscosmos Corporation’s HR Development Department, also addressed the Camp Khrustalny visitors.

“You will learn an important skill at Artek. I’m not talking about all the various kinds of knowledge you will gain, although you will learn many interesting things during your studies. Most importantly, though, you will learn to communicate and to understand each other. This will guarantee a successful life in the future. You will be able to accomplish much more if you speak the same language,” he said.

In his speech, Anton Denisov, Deputy Director of the Artek children’s center, noted the importance of international cooperation with school students in addressing space research objectives.

“The Space Age began 60 years ago. Today, we are greeting representatives of 22 countries who are united by a common striving to once again gaze into deep space, think about the future and do something to bring this remote and unknown area a bit closer,” he noted.

A bonfire was lit, Yury Gagarin’s legendary exclamation “Let’s Go!” rang out, and models of the first space rockets soared into the sky above a local square. A three-week session filled with new discoveries for Artek visitors has begun.