How "friendship" sounds in the language of music, dance, sports and creativity

In August 2021, Artek hosts a festival of creativity "Such a different language of friendship". It is attended by 2,300 residents of Artek, 60 teachers of additional education, as well as thematic partners of the children's center. The main theme of the event is culture as a form of communication. The program enables children to show their talents, find new aspirations and develop communication skills.

The word "friendship" has been heard in the International Children's Center in all languages since its foundation. Respect and acceptance of different peoples, different languages and cultures is one of the main values that the residents of Artek carry in different years throughout their lives. 

Artek teachers of children's art studios and thematic partners arranged the open air for children in the park of the children's camp "Lazurny". The Artek residents were invited to get acquainted with different "languages of friendship" - music, dance, painting, applied arts, sports...

At each festival site (and there are more than 50 of them), one can learn amazing things in a short time. Sports fans learn taekwondo techniques, play such unusual national sports as ice stock and frisbee. Those for whom the main language of friendship is dance learn the movements of rock and roll and cha-cha-cha in just a few minutes. Sea fans learn to tie sailor’s knots and get acquainted with the structure of the sailing ship "Optimist".

On the square in front of "Suuk-su", there is a real gift for connoisseurs of music. The children can become acquainted with the art of music at the concert from the best brass bands in the country. Musicians give a good mood, a charge of emotions and broaden the horizons of listeners: entertainers accompany each performance with a short story about the musical genre, present the author and the work.

"It's fun and joyful today! It is very pleasant to perform in front of the Artek residents. We want to cheer everyone up, rock everyone so that everyone can hear and understand real music," says Yegor Rybakov from the Nizhny Novgorod region. "Friendship is very important. Everyone wants to have a friend, someone close in spirit, in interests. And music can bring people together."

An entire alley of the big Artek holiday is dedicated to creativity. Here the children learn about trends in blogging, try themselves as DJs, paint pictures, make soft toys, create panels from natural materials, do poker work...

"Today's holiday and our entire shift are dedicated to friendship. I think this is a very cool topic. It is easier to go through life if you have friends nearby, and Artek helps you find them," says Masha Brutskaya from Norilsk. "At the holiday, I make beautiful crafts together with the detachment. I've created a picture from seashells. This is an opportunity to learn new things, spend time together and communicate, learn more about each other."

The Friendship Festival gave Artek residents an opportunity to share their experience with friends and discover new talents, broaden their horizons and get acquainted with different professions.