Delegates of the General Peace Assembly discussed the topic of free education

The young diplomats in Artek did a model of an open session of the General Assembly of the UN. 48 participants gave speeches in which they presented the positions of different countries concerning free education. The UN model gave school students an opportunity to get an experience of participating in multilateral diplomacy and to see what opportunities emerge during the process of international interactions.

The work of the UN bodies was first modelled by Harvard students almost 70 years ago. Little by little this practice spread all over the world. In Russia the games using the UN model started in the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) in the 1990s, and today C-MIMUN (The UN model at MGIMO) is the most representative youth forum for the 'modelling' movement, uniting delegates from 40 countries and about 60 cities of Russia. It is worth noting that it is the experts from that university that help to implement the General Peace Assembly in Artek program.

The head of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Italy Daria Pushkova was a guest of this game. She greeted the participants through a video call, talked to them about the Russian House in Rome and shared her thoughts on the value of education. "I think during these days you paid a lot of attention to why people need education. The more you learn, the more this world opens up for you. I was in Artek in spring. I was impressed! And I am very happy to see that we have a lot of active young people ready to think, to try and make sense of our reality, to learn new things. Each of you is a unique personality. And coming to Artek was a step on precisely this path of successfully exploring the world".

The children prepared very carefully for the session of the Assembly: under the guidance of MGIMO tutors they studied the history of international relations, familiarized themselves with the structure and main fields of activity of the UN, practiced their skills of public speaking. Each delegate representing a member state of the UN studied in detail this country's position on education. The search for information also made them learn more about the history, economics and culture of the states they represented.

Ekaterina Osadchuk from the Moscow region presented the position of Bolivia within the game. "I am glad to have an opportunity to come to Artek and to go through the diplomacy program offered by MGIMO. First of all, "General Peace Assembly in Artek" means new acquaintances, a serious experience in negotiations and communicating with experienced diplomats. We all went through a competitive selection to get here. This permitted gathering together the most talented kids from all over the country! It is a great honor for me to participate in the project together with my agemates. I thank Artek and MGIMO for this opportunity," Ekaterina says.

Based on the results of the Assembly, a resolution will be accepted where the children of Artek will formulate their thoughts on the development of education all over the world.

As a part of the UN global 'modelling' movement, the General Peace Assembly in Artek attempts to be one of the mechanisms for promotion of Russia's soft power and to educate the youth on the country's positions concerning global issues and current agenda.