Artek welcomes in 2018 with snowdrops and faith in impossible miracles

Children from all over Russia saw in 2018 as part of a large Artek family. More than 2,000 children came here shortly before the date from all corners of our vast country in order to realize one of their most cherished desires - to visit Artek. The magical New Year session will take them through many wonderful events and adventures, help them make new discoveries and gain useful experiences and, most importantly, make them believe in themselves, their talents and abilities.

New Year's Eve started out with fairy tale quests. Each camp had a fairy tale of its own, with the children acting its characters. So, the Kiparisny (Cypress) Camp residents saved the Snow Maiden from Koshchei the Immortal, while the Khrustalny (Crystal) Camp helped Gerda find Kay. As a reward for their good deeds, the children received an invitation to celebratory festivities from the Absolute, which brought all of Artek residents together in the waterfront area as one large family. Many of them had a New Year party on the coast for the first time in their lives. Children released balloons into the sky as a sign of gratitude for all the good things they had in 2017. Also here, on the waterfront, the children participated in the first 2018 Artek miracle. The Adalary twin cliffs, which are known as a symbol of Artek and Crimea, were lit by a light show and the first volleys of waterfront fireworks.

The New Year celebrations continued on Palace Square. The Artek residents walked through a glowing magical forest shimmering with New Year garlands to an 18m-high New Year Tree. An Artek DJ program, featuring New Year hits, with a laser light show, was held on the square.

Alongside the rest of the country, the Artek residents watched the New Year video address by President Putin and wished each other a happy new year to the sound of the chimes and festive fireworks.

Children from all over Russia participated in this major holiday together with Father Frost, Snow Maiden, Absolute and characters from their favorite fairy tales. A magical New Year musical, Twelve Months in Artek, premiered at Artek that night. The program included traditional Christmas round dances with Father Frost, crackers, confetti, as well as refreshments and delicious hot tea.

The final part of the New Year's Eve came as another miracle: in the final scene of the musical, a basket of snowdrops – a symbol of everything new and belief in the very best – was brought on stage. The flowers were then presented to the head of Artek. Congratulating children on the occasion of the New Year, Director of Artek Alexei Kasprzhak said: “The New Year celebrations bring together grown-ups and children, people of all ethnic backgrounds, religions and countries. At this moment, which separates the old year from the new one, the most wonderful things happen: the old is forgotten, everything bad goes away and new, good things begin. Here, in Artek, we know that this moment is not about the clock. This moment is made by each of you whenever you decide to do something, when you really dream about something, when you really want something and are ready to work for your wishes to come true. I sincerely wish you to believe in yourselves in the New Year.”

Despite the fact that many children in Artek are celebrating the New Year away from home for the first time in their lives, they say that for them Artek is a home away from home. “On the last day of the outgoing year, we went to visit Father Frost. He has an official residence in Artek,” said Yekaterina Biryukova, a member of the Khrustalny Camp, from Dzerzhinsk. “We had a cup of delicious tea, went over the New Year traditions, made wishes, wrote them down and handed them to him. I made a wish so that next year a miracle happens again, and I come to Artek one more time. Throughout 2017, I dreamed of coming here, and I got my wish right on New Year's Eve. It seemed to be part of a fairy tale. Isn’t that a New Year miracle?”

“New Year for me is the most welcome holiday of all, and the fact that I see it in at Artek is a special event for me,” Andrei Korzanov from Bryansk said. He received his holiday package to Artek for his social work. “This place is unforgettable, and I'm sure I'll keep memories of it for the rest of my life. I was looking forward to this trip, and, finally, I'm here, together with my new friends from all over the country. I just started my session, and I expect it to include a lot of positive events, fun and new friends. I also hope that Artek will help me acquire new social work skills.”

Artek residents thank United Confectioners Holding for the presents of candy which they received during the festivities. New Year gifts from United Confectioners also went to more than 7,000 Crimean children who participated in the New Year shows at Artek on January 4, 5 and 6. 

Go ahead and watch Artek-TV coverage of the event and relive unforgettable moments from New Year 2018 at Artek.