Artek volunteers receive volunteer cards

Artek has celebrated Volunteer Day. On December 5, volunteer activists received medallions and volunteer cards, which certify their involvement in the preparation of the international forum Children’s Camp As a New Educational Space.

The volunteer movement at Artek emerged in the summer of 2017. Volunteers from MGIMO University under the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Diplomatic Academy, the Civil Initiatives Institute, Moscow State Teacher-Training University, the Artek Support Foundation and the International Camping Fellowship (ICF) successfully ensured the integration of children from 46 countries into Artek. The children had a stint at the summer camp while participating in the Artek Brings Friends Together project.

Today, the volunteer movement brings together over 300 young teachers, interpreters, engineers, cultural figures and artists, who take part in educational partner programs. Artek’s most ambitious project involving volunteers is the Children’s Camp As a New Educational Space forum.

“We want to attract as many young people who are interested in educational projects as possible,” said Kdani Kavizina, head of professional development at the teacher training department at Artek. “Today’s event is important to us. We honor volunteers who were actively involved in the educational forum. They’ve developed an ambitious game, Artek in 48 Hours, which we are now introducing at Artek. We believe that other children’s camps will take an interest in the game.” 

The coordinators of the volunteer movement plan to cooperate with educational children’s centerthroughout the country and abroad. Volunteers will be extending their Artek experience beyond their center.

Volunteers say that attention to their work is inspiring them. “It’s great that the Artek volunteer aid effort doesn’t go unheeded,” says Vera Lushina from Nizhny Novgorod. “We hear ‘thank you’ and we’re encouraged to work further. This motivates us to do good things.”  

Artek sent Volunteer Day greetings to China, Mexico and other countries. 

In the summer of 2017, foreign students accompanied delegations from their countries,” said Nina Lazareva, head of the international department. “They helped camping professionals overcome language barriers and cultural differences. All volunteers are very competent. For example, Chinese volunteers worked in the United States but Artek was a unique experience for them. Everyone was impressed by the scale, the choice of advanced education programs and the infrastructure. Young people hope to come here again.”  

This opportunity will soon be on offer. As for now, energetic young people seeking to use their knowledge and talents to create something useful are invited to join I’m an Artek Volunteer, on social networks, to take part in a contest to develop an emblem for the volunteer movement.