Artek students from seven countries create new reality in 3D

The third 3D Technology Open National Olympiad has rounded up at Artek. About 150 students from 27 Russian regions, as well as from Italy, Estonia, Finland, Turkey, Croatia and Spain, created 40 snow breaking machine designs. The kids developed 3D models in special software and then used 3D printers to produce their machines. The models were then decorated, using 3D pens.

The 3D Technology Open National Olympiad concluded the themed educational program, Engineers of the Future: 3D Technology in Education, provided in partnership with the Association of 3D Education. The winners of the municipal and regional rounds of the Olympiad were joined in Artek by experienced teachers, who acted as experts in team competitions. Having learned to design, visualize, model and draw, the students completed their original projects from concept and engineering to 3D implementation.

Each team aimed to create an exceptional mechanism for their snow melting and breaking machines rather than just an original design. “Our system is based on the concept of a meat grinder and thoroughly grinds snow through several filters,” Darya Kovalenko from Novosibirsk explained. “When my classmates competed in the first Artek Olympiad and told me about 3D modeling, I got very excited and started making 3D models. After winning previous rounds, here I am at Artek.”

The third 3D technology Olympiad was an international event. Both Russian and European contestants learned new things. Foreign participants said their participation in the Artek session was a serious step toward building the international community which will soon bring together future engineers studying 3D technology. “I have been designing 3D models for a long time,” said Oscar Belletti from Italy. “My classmates and I were selected to come to Artek. It is my first team competition in 3D modeling of this scale. It is a very exciting project.”

Artek students have no doubt that the skills and knowledge gained at the Children’s Center will help them decide on their future careers in 3D technology, an area with great future prospects.

The jury appreciated the participants’ enthusiasm and engagement. “The world is at a turning point right now, just like back when the society was being computerized and computers were suddenly everywhere,” said expert Gleb Tya from Kaliningrad. “Those who didn’t grab the chance to learn how to use computers and modern technology lagged behind. We are giving children an opportunity to catch up and even outrun this new era and learn the skills that will be highly in demand soon. It could be engineering or a creative job. Therefore, our cooperation with Artek is a great step toward pursuing this goal.”

Following three stages of the competition, the delegation from the Perm Territory won the first prize and took home its well-deserved trophy.