Artek signs agreement on education cooperation in France

Between November 13 and 14, 2017, an Artek delegation visited France, where it signed agreements on cooperation in education and extracurricular activities with the Association of Russian Culture (Strasbourg) and Life and Development Association (Paris).

From Russia, the agreements were signed by Artek Director Alexei Kasprzhak, and by President of Life and Development Michel Rousseau and Eduard Koskin, President of the Strasbourg Association of Russian Culture, from France.

The agreements provide for forming systematic cooperation between Artek and interested institutions as well as citizens of France in organizing vacations for the French youth at the Russian children’s center. They also stipulate education and implementation of Artek’s educational programs in foreign children’s camps.

A special place in the partnership will be given to training French-speaking volunteers, who would help children during their stay at Artek. According to Alexei Kasprzhak, “the language training of the team leaders, as well as studying the cultural specifics, will help to build a multi-language environment at Artek.”

The agreements also provide for joint human resources projects, such as internships for French specialists at the Russian children’s center. They will stimulate the exports of Artek’s educational technology abroad. In their turn, Russian teachers will take part in professional discussions organized in France, which will promote Artek’s international scientific and educational activities.

After signing the agreement, the Artek Director noted that they develop traditional cultural ties between the two countries progressively: “Russia and France have traditionally had close cultural ties. This is a significant resource for our cooperation. The culture is global, and so is Artek’s educational environment. The cooperation between children from various countries at Artek is our contribution to good-neighborliness in the future.”

Alexei Kasprzhak also said that “French children have already been to Artek and then took a part of it with them”: “Today you can see a pupil wearing an Artek coat or carrying an Artek schoolbag: children can feel that they are part of the Artek community. It is important that young people are involved into each other’s culture, thus enriching one another. Starting from this period, we will serve croissants for breakfast at Artek, and there is no breakfast in France without them. Next we are planning to hold round table discussions in France, where children who returned from Artek will be able to share their experience and their success stories about living at the international children’s center.”

Michel Rousseau, President of Life and Development Association, noted that cooperation with Artek will help the French youth to see Russia’s life and achievement in practice. Children will be most interested in visiting Artek’s Space Museum, and teachers will study Artek’s educational experience, which is widely discussed at the International Children’s Camp Association.

Eduard Koskin, President of the Strasbourg Association of Russian Culture, who also took part at the signing ceremony, noted that this document “gives an opportunity to promote the Russian culture and the Russian language among the French people and youth more actively. It also helps Russian children living in France to preserve the Russian language.”