Artek positions itself as a global provider of education services

On the sidelines of the ICC 2017 Russia Children’s Camp International Congress Director of Artek Alexei Kasparzhak said that Artek International Children’s Center had signed a cooperation agreement with the Hanoi branch of the Pushkin Institute and the Russian Speech Spanish Teacher Union non-profit organization. The parties agreed to jointly implement international education programs, as well as cultural exchange and courses for children, team leaders, teachers and volunteers.

The main idea of the new partnerships is to create language practice at Artek, which would unite communication with foreign children, team leaders and teachers in their native tongues who will be studying the Russian language at the same time. This policy will make it possible to adapt Artek’s unique education programs for children who cannot speak Russian, as well as use them successfully in other countries.

President of the Spanish Teacher Union Viktoria Tsaralunga said that there are a lot of Russians in Spain, and in recent years interest in the Russian language among natives has increased: “This year five Spanish children participated in an international contest organized by the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, won and went to Artek. We hope that Spanish students studying Russian will want to become Artek volunteers, and members of our Union will share their experience of working with bilingual children with them and their colleagues from Artek. From our side, we will be happy to take in children who wish to study Spanish and are ready to show them the riches and originality of Spain and its culture.”

Director of the Hanoi branch of the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute Nguyen Thi Thu Dat said she hopes to extend the framework of cooperation: “We also see an opportunity to cooperate with the Vietnamese Ministry of Education. We have many students who study at Russian universities, our government sends them to Russia. They will volunteer at Artek, and we will welcome your volunteers. Today we don’t have native Russian speakers, but every year we invite your students who study Vietnamese to practice here. And they work enthusiastically with our children and organize various education events.”

This August Artek hosted the finals of the International Russian Language Contest organized by the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute with the support of the Russian Ministry of Education, with 20 teachers and 19 student teams from 26 countries participating. Together with the contest, a Russian language education program for foreign school students and teachers was organized for the first time: the postgraduate course Russian Language in the Global Educational Space, workshops on various aspects of teaching Russian as foreign language and using information technologies in education and country studies. Viktoria Tsaralunga stressed that “this experience was invaluable for us,” and Nguyen Thi Thu Dat noted that the contest was “the best project” she has ever been a part of. 

This September Artek signed a contract with the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development on sharing teaching methods and experience between the two countries, as well as establishing a Russian-Serbian Friendship Center in Artek. In addition, this summer Artek signed international agreements with educational institutions in the US, Switzerland, Denmark and China to establish an international network of language volunteers.