Artek lit 10,000 candles in memory of the heroes of World War II

In memory of the September dates, the beginning and the end of World War II, an action "Fiery Pictures of War" was held in Artek International Children's Center. Using 10 thousand memorial candles, children made a portrait of a pioneer, a collective image of the Artek heroes. And next to it there are the silhouettes of a five-pointed star, the Motherland sculpture and cranes flying into the sky - images that have become a common symbol of the memory of Soviet soldiers and our Great Victory.

Palace Square is one of the most recognizable places in the children's center. It was here that children gathered for a commemorative action.

10 thousand memorial candles form a general picture consisting of several images. The five-pointed star is the image of a red star from the times of the USSR. A mother, raising her sons to the battle for their Motherland against fascism, a cruel and hated enemy, knowing that for many of them this battle is the last one. Cranes, which have become a symbol of memory of the fallen in war. A pioneer with eyes staring at the sky and a fluttering tie on his chest, who stood up to defend the Fatherland.

Songs of the war years are heard from the speakers, the children get familiar with the chronicle of World War II, and learn the heroic stories of the Artek heroes.

“Volodya Dubinin helped sappers in clearing the approaches to the quarries, where he died from a mine explosion... Ruben Ruiz Ibarruri commanded a machine-gun company of a cadet training battalion and was mortally wounded... Gulya Koroleva carried 50 wounded soldiers from the battlefield, and when the commander was killed, she raised the fighters to attack and was the first one who broke into the enemy trench, and destroyed 15 German soldiers and officers. She was mortally wounded, but continued to fight until reinforcements arrived...”

Artek pupils sacredly honor the memory of the heroes - 20 snow-white busts of the Artek residents who died during the war are set in a picturesque park, on the Alley of Heroes.

Children, discovering the great deeds of the heroes of their country, who, just like them, had a rest in Artek, could not hold back their emotions. The action participants honored the memory of the victims with a silence minute. For the Artek residents, the action "Fiery Pictures of War" in memory of the millions of victims, in memory of the Artek heroes, in memory of those who returned peace has become an important event that will be remembered for many years.

Sabina Mirzoeva from Moscow: “One of my great-grandfathers is a Hero of the Soviet Union, another great-grandfather reached Berlin, all my ancestors participated in the war and contributed to the Great Victory. The stories of the Artek residents Volodya Dubinin, Vitya Korobkov, medical instructor Gulya Koroleva impress me most of all. I believe that historical memory is very important. Our people and children should know the real history, and pass it on from generation to generation”.

Alina Bikbaeva from Ruzayevka, Republic of Mordovia: “Today we pay tribute to the people who defended the Motherland so that we live in peace, they are the real heroes. We learned the stories of the Artek heroes, and took part in the creation of the picture. It is very beautiful and impressive. We remember our heroes".

Alexander Sharov, Artek ICC counselor: “There is an expression “A nation that does not remember its past cannot have a future”. Today, together with the Artek residents and camp counselors, we took part in the action "Fiery Pictures of War" in order to remember the Artek heroes and everyone who contributed to the Great Victory. We must remember the exploits of our people and tell the younger generation about it”.

World War II began on September 1, 1939 and ended on September 3, 1945. The largest armed conflict in the history of mankind involved 80% of the world's population - 66 out of 74 states that existed at that time. The most terrible war affected the Soviet Union, millions of people stood up to defend their Motherland, and gave their lives for the peaceful future of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.