Artek launches I Want to Speak Russian, a new educational project

A new educational project, I Want to Speak Russian, was launched in Artek during the 12th session. This project is a unique opportunity for foreign students and compatriots living abroad to learn about the Russian language, culture and history, as well as Russia’s current achievements.

Sixteen children came to Artek from different countries. They won a competition and got a unique opportunity to communicate in a foreign language and work together with kids their own age and adults to complete various creative tasks, projects and research. During the 12th, 13th and 14th sessions the children’s center will welcome 100 children from different countries and will carry out many educational events and programs.  

“To let every child get immersed in the Russian language and culture, we involved many Artek experts in the process: teachers, pedagogues, mentors, tour guides and methodologists. Our main goal is to chart an individual study plan for every child that will help them gain an insight into Russia’s history and culture, its melodic speech and rich language,” said head of the project Anna Akunina.

Right after arrival, these children got to know each other, explored Artek, took part in workshops and went on a day trip to Yalta.

“When we were planning educational events, we decided to focus on the diversity of Crimea’s nature, its culture and ancient history,” said senior methodologist Olga Podkorytova. “Together with the museum and educational complex, we planned a day trip to Yalta, where the kids went on Sunday. We visited the Anton Chekhov Theatre, went to a concert of classic symphony music and got inspired by the place where Chekhov was visited by a muse, after which he wrote his famous short story “The Lady with the Dog.”

Supplementary education teachers and mentors involve the students in a creative search: they look for inspiration so that each of them will be able to complete his or her own unique book of impressions, emotions and knowledge by the end of the shift.

“I was so happy when I found out that I won the competition,” said Ksyusha from Italy. “The competition was tough but I really hoped that my dream to come to Artek will come true. My mom was beyond herself with joy that I will be able to visit Russia and improve my Russian. I can’t wait to meet everyone from our wonderful camp and make true Artek friends.”   

Sofia from Sweden was very impressed by the concert. “I never knew that the waltz has such a long and mysterious history. The music was dazzling that evening. It enchanted me, and the singers were able to bring its deep meaning to us. I loved it! Mom, I’m in Artek! I’m happy. I am looking forward to new emotions and making friends during my session”

The members of the Artek international team have a busy program that is filled with new impressions, trips and classes. They will visit Sevastopol, Feodosia and Koktebel, master new educational routes, attend workshops conducted by Ph.D.’s in philology and read books by a fire. And for now… they are dancing the Artek waltz!