«Artek» joins prestigious space club

On April 18, 2018, the International Children's Center Artek became a full member of the International Association of Space Activity Participants (IASP) on the first day of the Moscow International Education Fair. The business program of the Artek exhibition opened with an official ceremony, with the Children’s Center receiving an IASP membership certificate.

International Children's Center Artek Director Alexei Kasprzhak and IASP President Viktor Krivopuskov conducted the ceremony of admitting Artek and also signed a cooperation agreement between Artek and IASP.

As an IASP member, Artek will be able to host specialized events involving Russian experts, European space agencies, foreign astronauts and scientists, as well as space-sector activists.

By joining IASP, Artek reaffirms its commitment to a high-priority research and educational program for children in the aerospace sector, including the development of laboratories and technical facilities.

During the ceremony, Alexei Kasprzhak thanked IASP for praising the center’s efforts in the aerospace sector and noted the impressive potential for cooperation.

“With the Association’s support, we will elevate our work with children (that was launched by Yury Gagarin) to a new level. The science, technological and research projects to be implemented at the center during our partnership will become an important step toward establishing a technology park for young people in Artek, that will focus on promising economic areas,” he added.

According to Viktor Krivopuskov, outer space is a territory of peace, trust and cooperation. “We need to take a more active part in addressing current science and technological objectives. We will see to it that everyone involved in Artek will inch closer to outer space,” he noted.

Artek has always implemented various educational programs and projects in the field of space exploration. In 1961-1967, Yury Gagarin, the first man in space, visited Artek each year, with cosmonauts Herman Titov, Valentina Tereshkova, Vladimir Komarov, Andrei Babkin and Oleg Artemyev also visiting. Members of the first Soviet cosmonaut team helped establish the Space Museum in Artek, that stores space-expedition artefacts and which now runs a school for young cosmonauts. 

The Roscosmos State Corporation, the Korolyov Samara Aerospace University, United Aircraft Corporation and the Moscow Aviation Institute are permanent partners in the aerospace activities at Artek. IASP will now join them, and it will help organize space-exploration and technical-engineering sessions. 


Reference note

The International Association of Space Activity Participants (IASP) that unites companies in the aerospace industry and organizations that facilitate expanded space exploration was established September 12, 2005 and tasked with facilitating the development aerospace industry companies, expanding and strengthening science, trade and economic relations and preserving the historical and cultural heritage of the country’s space activities. Roscosmos Executive Director for Manned Missions Sergei Krikalyov, a Hero of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation, is its Board Chairman. IASP President Viktor Krivopuskov is a member of its General Council and also chairs the Outer Space, a Territory of Peace, Trust and Cooperation Committee of the Eurasian People’s Assembly. IASP members include such major companies as the Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, the Progress Rocket Space Center, the Academician Glushko Research and Production Association Energomash, the Chemical Automatics  Design Bureau, the Lavochkin Research and Production Association, the Precision Instrument Engineering Systems Research and Production Corporation, and others.