Artek ice-cream on sale in China and other countries

Speaking at the October 11, 2017 strategic session on international cooperation priorities of children’s camps organized by the ICC 2017 Russia, Artek Director Alexei Kasprzhak, said that the Artek ice-cream, produced by Iceberry, would enter international markets from October 2017. The ice cream will sell in China, Israel and a number of European countries.

“I hope you’ve tasted our mouthwatering Artek ice-cream. This week, it arrives in  the shops in China, Israel and several European countries,” Kasprzhak told delegates of the International Camping Congress, which is taking place in Sochi.

Kasprzhak said that transfer of the temporary licence for the Artek brand to ice cream producers helps attract non-budgetary funds, which will be spent on the current needs of the children’s center. “One ruble from each sale goes back into the Artek budget,” the director said adding that “1.5 million ice cream servings had been sold” already in September 2017.

“Buy the Artek ice cream – it’ll help us to promote our brand internationally,” Kasprzhak said to his Russian and international colleagues.