Artek children choose a name for a tiger cub

Taigan Safari Park in Crimea now has a tiger cub named Artek. The name for this tiger, who was born shortly before the 25th Scarlet Sails International Children’s Film Festival at Artek, was chosen at the festival’s closing ceremony. 

The appearance of a tiger cub at the closing ceremony of the children’s film festival on Artek Arena came as a surprise for over 3,000 children and celebrities. When the ceremony’s host asked how they would name the cub, the children shouted: Artek! The Artek international children’s center and festival now have a mascot.

Later that day, the tiger cub was taken to Taigan Safari Park by Oleg Zubkov, the park’s director.

Kids at each new session at Artek will visit the tiger during the regular tours of the famous Crimean safari park.