Artek children become volunteers during the Year of Volunteers in Russia

For the Year of Volunteers in Russia, Camp Lazurny of the Artek International Children’s Center has created volunteer groups where children implement their social projects. As part of the I Am a Volunteer educational program, Artek members visited the Simferopol care home for the elderly and disabled and the Alye Parusa (Scarlet Sails) rehabilitation center for disabled children and teenagers in Yalta in April.

Children of the session Asteroid No. 1956 traveled to Simferopol on a volunteer mission. Members of the 15th group of Camp Lazurny visited a home for the elderly and disabled and put on a performance of The Wizard of the Emerald City. “It took us a long time to prepare for this trip: we made stage sets and props, learned and rehearsed the roles,” said Albina Yesherova, a project volunteer. “We were welcomed by the director and the administration of the care home, and its residents admired our performance.”

In addition to the play, children brought letters with warm wishes from Artek children. Young volunteers Maria Pokrovskaya and Vlad Yarovenko say: “The nicest part was when we handed out these letters to the elderly people. They were so happy to receive them. We are delighted to be able to take part in this trip. We will definitely do more. I would like to thank Artek and the Camp Lazurny  administration for their support of children’s initiatives.”

The 18th group from Camp Lazurny’s Art Conversation session prepared a performance of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry for the Alye Parusa Yalta rehabilitation center for disabled children and teenagers. “We performed a play at Alye Parusa,” says volunteer Taisia Sidorova. “We got a warm welcome. After the performance, we played our favorite games with children from the rehabilitation center and held a joint photo session with the play’s characters. It was very emotional, and we were so happy to see how delighted they were.”

This year, young volunteers from Artek also went to the Bobrov health resort for children with musculoskeletal disorders in Alupka. On March 20, team leaders and children from six camps took part in the Hospital Clowns event. Dressed as clowns, children filled the corridors and playrooms in the health resort with smiles and laughter. Young patients saw funny sketches and stand-up performances, sang songs and played games with the visitors. Artek children brought them souvenirs and postcards they made at Artek workshops, and conveyed get-well-soon wishes.

Children attending the second session of Camp Lazurny staged a musical performance, The Little Red Riding Hood in a New Light, for kids at Gurzuf Kindergarten No. 11.

President Vladimir Putin proclaimed 2018 the Year of Volunteers in Russia at the national Volunteer of Russia award ceremony on December 6, 2017.