Artek chidren receive certificates to study at aviation universities

On November 3, the United Aircraft Corporation’s profile program Course for Takeoff was completed with the launch of model aircraft.

For the first time, the session was based on a model of an aviation production cluster that has a number of aviation plants. Together with their instructors – United Aircraft Corporation’s experts – the children went from creating aviation companies to producing aircraft built by the young aviation workers at “plants” at Artek.

The UAC’s educational program allowed Artek children to learn more about the corporation’s work, its product range, and the main stages in an airplane’s service life. Having assembled five “plant” teams, they made a “map of professions,” developed staff schedules, distributed roles, defined areas of responsibility and set up a production processes in order to manufacture high-quality model aircraft capable of flying a given distance, before the deadline.

The winning team with the most points achieved through completing the tasks throughout the session was awarded with certificates, while the five most active “aviation workers” received special certificates allowing them to enroll in any of the 12 major universities involved in the aviation industry on an employer-sponsored basis. These certificates were awarded to Maria Bulakhova from the Moscow region, Nikita Intsertov from Ryazan, Olga Omelyanchuk from Taganrog, Yevgeny Bondarenko from Moscow and Anastasiya Tolkacheva from Voronezh.

UAC’s HR Training Department director, Elena Mitina commended the young peoples’ work and noted that “the environment at Artek allows for exploring the creative potential in gifted or simply interested children from all over the country. Artek’s educational session is an important part of our vocational program, which was created to identify talented children and guide them toward the industry’s universities.”

Artek director Alexei Kasprjak noted that working with thematic partners, including the leaders of high-tech sectors of the economy, creates opportunities for children to learn more about various professions, and contributes to the long-term planning of the regional labor market, while drawing the future experts’ to the regions’ priority disciplines.

“Thanks to programs like Course for Takeoff, the professional core of the future is being formed at Artek today,” he said.

The United Aircraft Corporation began cooperating with ICC Artek last year. The corporation sponsors the constant operation of the camp’s aircraft modeling laboratory. Twice a year, the United Aircraft Corporation carries out a program four youth from all over the country who have won various national competitions and UAC’s themed olympiades. The corporation became the first Artek partner to award the students who showed best results during the session with certificates for training at major universities in the industry.