Artek celebrates Russia Day with maritime parade and flashmob

Over a thousand Artek children gathered on the centre’s embankment to honour Russia’s state symbols, which they did by singing the country’s anthem and later taking part in an Artek flotilla parade with Russian tricolor flags flying. After that, they sang Russia, Go Forward!, signaling the lyrics in semaphore, meant to announce Russia’s leadership to all sea-loving people.

It could be called a “miniature Russia” as the Artek International Children’s Centre welcomes young people from all of the country, from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. Here they learn the meaning of real friendship. Here they also learn what a good thing it is to live in a big and strong country. On Russia Day, Artek youth shared these feelings with one another and the rest of Russia.

“I have met people from different regions at Artek, and felt I was part of a multi-ethnic country!” says Ksenia Lizunova from Perm. “This celebration today  symbolizes our unity. I wish Russia happiness and prosperity.”

“I’m proud to be taking part in the celebration!” said Anna Krug from Buryatia. “My friends and I represent the Uyan Belig dance group from the city of Ulan-Ude and can feel interest in our home region’s culture. Everyone likes our music and ethnic costumes. It feels so nice! Let our country remain just as united, strong and independent.”

“Our flashmob is our call to love the Motherland and respect it,” adds Olga Ruleva from Kaluga, “We came here from different regions and we all are so different! I, for one, was surprised to learn about the cultures of the various peoples living in Yakutia and Buryatia. They are unique, distinctive and beautiful.”

“I’m happy to celebrate Russia Day at Artek! It’s a place like no other that our country can be proud of!” said Maxim Panin from the city of Voronezh.  

Children from 13 foreign delegations who came to Artek for the 6th session could rely on the evidence of Russia Day to see how diverse, colourful and united the country is. They were happy to join in the celebration.

“I live in Moldova, but I was born in Russia and I’m proud of this!” said Adelina Trokhina from Moldova, “ I have made many new friends at Artek and I realized once again that Russians are friendly, brave and reliable.”

“It’s nice to wish my Russian friends a happy holiday!” said Dina Lyasheva from Kazakhstan. “I wish your country to remain united and strong. Kazakhstan is a neighbouring state and we want our friendship to continue and to further develop cultural ties.”

In the day’s crowning moment, the young people from all over the country were photographed together and it was posted on social networks under the #АртекРоссия (ArtekRussia) hashtag. This was meant to show that Artek is a small version of Russia because each session greets young students from every region of the country.