Artek welcomes a delegation from the United States

On May 18, 2017, a delegation from the US Center for Citizen Initiatives led by Dr. Deborah Anne Palmieri, Russia’s Honorary Consul General in the State of Colorado, visited the Artek International Children’s Center. The delegation included university and academic experts on the Russian language, preschool education professionals and public figures.

The Americans were informed about Artek’s modernization process over the past three years and visited the renovated buildings of the Pribrezhny camp, the Artek Arena movie and concert center, and the Lazurny and Morskoi camps. They expressed their appreciation of the rapid infrastructure changes, the preservation of cultural and historical facilities and also efforts to restore Artek’s parks.

The delegates enjoyed their meeting with young Americans staying at the Artek center, who shared their impressions about life at Artek, the daily routine, common and group events, lessons and additional educational programs offered during the session. When asked if they wanted to return home, the American children answered emotionally: “Certainly, not!” The youngsters also explained to the US delegation about their participation in the Live Classics international contest of young reciters held during their session, and one of the children read an excerpt prepared for the event.

In conclusion, the US delegates thanked the Artek authorities for their hospitality and praised the fact that Artek accepted not only Russian children but also children from other countries as well, which helps young people find a common language. They also said they would like to visit Artek again.