All roads lead to Artek

Another important landmark has appeared at Artek. Representatives of the fourth-session foreign children’s delegations have installed navigation signs there showing the distance and direction to their capitals and thus beginning a new tradition at the international children’s center.

Artek unites children from Russian and all over the world. During the space session, the camp brought together children from 12 countries who created a new landmark at the observation point on Gagarin Embankment. The children made signs showing the distance between Artek and their capitals during their lessons at the Pirografiya (Pyrography) Art Studio. The young artists’ names are on the backside.

“This is a very unusual way to leave a memory at Artek, and it has already become a special place for me,” says Rain Mueller from Estonia, who helped put up the sign with the distance to Tallinn. “I have made friends with children from various countries and cities. We are very different and yet have many things in common. Personally, I feel like a representative of my country here at Artek: it seems like future relations with Estonians will depend on how I act here. I would like relations between all countries to develop.”

“It is nice to know that children coming to Artek later will create new signs with new city names and leave them here. People will come to look at the Rome sign with my name on it,” says Oscar Belletti from Italy. “For me, Artek has become the capital of friendship: everyone here is always ready to help. For all the adults and children in the world, it must serve as an example of what relations between people can be. I hope to come here again. In any case, when I’m back to Italy, I will know that there is a sign in Artek that will always connect me with this place.”