700 Artek students play in environmental musical

The premiere of the musical ‘Operation Clean Planet’ at Artek Arena was the culminating point in the Musical Together educational program during the current session by Artek and Domisolka children’s music theater. Thirty-five Domisolka students, 150 children from guest theater companies and 500 Artek students took part in the large-scale show dedicated to environmental consciousness. It was produced in just two weeks by professional teachers and choreographers.  

The main idea of the musical, expressed in dance and song, is that people can both destroy the Earth or make it more beautiful. It all depends on the actions and personal responsibility of every person. Calls for responsible consumption and reducing the amount of garbage received a very passionate response from Artek students as the theme was one of the definitive issues during the session. The students have been participating in programs on geography, environment and other geosciences.

Workshops leading up to the musical were open to any student. Under the supervision of Artistic Director Olga Yudakhina, professional teachers and young actors from Domisolka and seven other children’s creative groups from across the country with vast experience in successful performances taught singing and dancing to their fellow students who had never done it before. Eventually, 500 kids took roles in the musical. Artek counselors were also involved in dance numbers; so a total of 700 people took part in the grand show.

The audience was in for a surprise as Artek Director Alexei Kasprzhak himself showed up on stage for a dance number with the young people and counselors. After the show, the children’s center director admitted that it was his first dance experience on stage. “I can assure you that overcoming your fears and trying new things is the right approach. So be bold and you’ll succeed,” he encouraged the kids.

Merited Artist of Russia Alexander Oleshko greeted the Artek students and noted that with his example, the director showed that a person can achieve anything he really wants. “This is an example for those who want to overcome themselves but are afraid of taking the first step.” Oleshko wished the kids an unforgettable experience and presented the Artek Museum with two vintage posters from Soviet times.

Sharing their impressions of the show, the children in the audience said that anybody can reduce their ecological footprint on the planet and the show was a great way to remind ourselves of this fact. “All actors, both professionals and amateurs, were outstanding on stage and an amazing team together,” said Sofia Nikitich from Novokuznetsk. “Thank you so much to the creators for this topical issue. I fully support the idea of environmental consciousness and believe that every person must take care of our planet.”