January 25−26 to February 14−15 Beyond the Horizon
February 18−19 to March 10−11 Artek’s Booker
March 14−15 to April 3−4 Theatrical Story
April 7−8 to April 27−28 Per Aspera Ad Artek
May 4−5 to May 24−25 The History of Our Victory
May 28−29 to June 17−18 220/94
June 20−21 to July 10−1 The Games We Choose to Play (a game)
July 14−15 to August 3−4 We are different – We are equal
August 7−8 to August 27−28 Artek Robinsonada
August 30−31 to September 19−20 An infinite variety
September 23−24 to October 13−14 Augmented Reality Architects
October 17−18 to November 6−7 The Roads We Choose
November 10−11 to November 30 − December 1 Artek-XXI
December 4−5 to December 24−25 Up
December 28−29 to January 17−18 Artek Winter Tale


Session 1

Beyond the Horizon

January 25−26 to February 14−15


Key date: February 8 is Russian Science Day, the 295th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the 185th anniversary of Dmitri Mendeleev’s birth.

Book: The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne

Description: The first session of the year traditionally celebrates science. This is a session for those who see their calling in opening new horizons for humanity, find the extraordinary in the ordinary and look farther ahead than others.

Session 2

Artek’s Booker

February 18−19 to March 10−11


Key date: March 3, World Writer’s Day

Book: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Description: This session is dedicated to discovering and supporting talented young writers in various genres and developing children’s reading culture.

Session 3

Theatrical Story

March 14−15 to April 3−4


Key date: March 27, World Theater Day

Book: Stories by Anton Chekhov

Description: 2019 is the Year of Theater in Russia. This session will allow children to get immersed in the unforgettable world of performing arts. They will become decorators, prop masters, stage artists, scriptwriters, directors and actors. They will learn about the history of Russian theater and the works of the great Russian author and playwright Anton Chekhov.

Session 4

Per Aspera Ad Artek

April 7−8 to April 27−28


Key date: April 12, International Day of Human Space Flight

Book: George's Secret Key to the Universe by Stephen Hawking

Description: During the fourth session, children will discover the unknown world of space through science fiction-themed activities. Just like the characters of Stephen Hawking’s book, Artek students will learn about many fantastic phenomena such as black holes, quasars, asteroids, galaxies and parallel universes.

Session 5

The History of Our Victory

May 4−5 to May 24−25


Key date: May 9, Victory Day

Book: When My Grandma and Grandpa Were Little by Yekaterina .Murashova and Natalia Mayorova

Description: The goal of this session is to preserve and pass on the timeless humanistic values to the future generation. During the session, participants will study the past of their families, their home cities and towns, and Russia.

Session 6


May 28-29 to June 17-18


Key date: June 1, International Children's Day; June 16, Artek anniversary

Book: Peter Pan by James M. Barrie

Description: This is the most remarkable session of the year. Every Artek student will become a character in this festival and experience many adventures with their friends. Peter Pan is a romantic tale about eternal childhood that demonstrates that it is possible to overcome any obstacles if you believe in friendship and miracles.

Session 7

The Games We Choose to Play (a game)

June 20-21 to July 10


Book: Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll

Description: Games accompany people throughout their lives. During this session, Artek students and the main character of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass, Alice, will dive into the mysterious world of games and riddles, and will try to understand the deep world of various games: acting games, musical games, sport games, mind games, computer games and outdoor games. They will also try to create their own games.

Session 8

We are different – We are equal

July 14-15 to August 3-4


Key date: July 30, International Day of Friendship

Book: Scarecrow by Vladimir Zheleznikov

Description: True friendship and friends (our alter egos) are a reflection of every person in another. During this session, children will understand that friendship has no borders.

Session 9

Artek Robinsonada

August 7-8 to August 27-28


Key date: 300 years since the first edition of Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe

Book: Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

Description: This session aims to encourage teenagers to lead a healthy lifestyle, promote recreational sports, and improve children’s artistic, technical and intellectual abilities.

Session 10

An infinite variety

August 30-31 to September 19-20


Key date: September 1, Knowledge Day; September 18, 200th anniversary of Jean Bernard Leon Foucault’s birth

Book: When Angels Rest by Marina Aromshtam (1960)

Description: This session coincides with the beginning of the academic year in Russia. The famous experiment by the French physicist and astronomer demonstrated that Earth rotates around its axis. Reference to the world-renowned experiment illustrates the power of knowledge as the foundation of the modern world.

Session 11

Augmented Reality Architects

September 23-24 to October 13-14


Book: Monday Begins on Saturday by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

Description: This session provides children with career guidance in the world of the future and introduces them to various jobs that are only emerging today.

Session 12

The Roads We Choose

October 17-18 to November 6-7


Book: The Last Inch by James Aldridge

Description: This session is dedicated to personal growth, self-realization and development, and the search for the foundations of one’s values. The program will help children build confidence in their ability to achieve goals, as well take responsibility for their own decisions.

Session 13


November 10-11 to November 30 – December 1


Key date: November 13, World Kindness Day

Book: A Boy with a Sword by Vladimir Krapivin

Description: The chivalry-themed session is to help children discover their courage, openness and honesty. It is a session for those who do not just believe in good deeds but actually do them.

Session 14


December 4-5 to December 24-25


Book: Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

Description: The session program will help students to understand the key stages in launching a startup and to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities. Participants can try to start their own business, from selecting a promising niche to developing a business plan to searching for partners and implementing the project.

Session 15

Artek Winter Tale

December 28-29 to January 17-18


Key date: December 31, New Year’s Eve

Book: Moominland Midwinter by Tove Jansson

Description: The New Year-themed session at Artek is a true fairytale. Only here will students see snow-covered palm trees and snowdrops on New Year’s Eve. Children will become heroes of wonderful adventures, unbelievable events, unexpected meetings, carnivals and fun games.