The Founder Of Artek - Zinoviy Petrovich Solovyov

Zinovy Petrovich
Soloviev (1876 – 1928)

the founder of the "Artek"

In 1920-1928, he headed the military health service of the red Army and the Executive Committee of the Russian red cross society. On his initiative and active participation in Crimea was created the pioneer camp-sanatorium and the Artek range of children's health institutions.

Since 1923 the name Z. P. Solovyov is the District military hospital in St. Petersburg, in a room which, in 1963, a memorial plaque, the text of which reads as follows:

"By order of the Revolutionary military Council of the RSFSR of 29 November 1923 hospital named: Central Central red behalf of the Deputy of the people's Commissariat and the chief of Gasanova Z. P. Solovyov military hospital. Solovyov Zinovy Petrovich (1876-1928) is a student and colleague of V. I. Lenin, the brilliant theorist and organizer of Soviet public health, the founder of Soviet medicine, the doctor-Bolshevik"


Photo 2011.

Photo 1952.

Built in 30-ies of the XIX century. Named after Solovyov in 1928 (after the death of Z. P. Solovyov).

The authors of the project: the staff of "Artek". A column of white limestone ( height 3 m ) are installed on the pedestal of gray diorite (height 1.25 m, width 1.2 meters). Resolution No. 72 Crimea from 19.03.1996 years, a Memorial sign in honor of Z. P. Solovyov removed from the register – historical, cultural and artistic value is not. Located in a secluded area.

On the pedestal two white marble plaque with the text:

"The memory of the founder of the camp

Zinoviy Petrovich Solovyov

( 1876 – 1928 )"

"The road to the Crimea – a fertile , shining with all the colors,

what has nature, for pioneers opened.

It was opened in the camp "Artek"

Z. P. Solov'ev


Column in honor of Z. P. Soloviev

The Monument Z. P. Solovyov
from children's camp "Diamond"

The monument is government registered. The decision of the Crimean regional Executive Committee dated 10.12.1984. Opened 25 April 1978 (in connection with the assignment in 1975, named after Z. P. Solovyov of the pioneer squad "Diamond"). Authors: Alexander Yemelyantsev, Moscow sculptor, Professor Anatoly Trofimovich Polyansky, architect .

The monument is a bust of Z. P. Soloviev mounted on the pedestal (height 3.7 meters). Made of white marble. The opinion of the founder of "Artek" addressed to the team "Diamond", the face is animated. Rectangular pedestal (width 0.5 x 0.5 m) made of white marble. The obverse bears the inscription:

Solovyov Zinovy Petrovich (1876 – 1928)

The ground on which the monument is paved with concrete slabs. To the celebration of the opening of the monument of Z. P. Soloviev, were members of the "Artek". The ceremony was opened by the niece of the founder of "Artek" Valentina Solovyova, doctor of medical Sciences, head. Department of epidemiology and organization of tuberculosis of the Central Institute of tuberculosis of MH of the USSR.


Photo 1954.

Photo 2011.

The building year-round "Upper camp" for 150 seats.


Author : Z. P. Soloviev (summer 1927)

The author of the project is unknown. The construction of the building completed on 6 may 1930.

The building's Foundation is rubble stone, the walls wooden frame (the bars filled with fine rubble stone and lime mortar). The length of the building on the facade of 70 meters, the length of the side blocks 33 meters, the middle part 24 meters, the width of the blocks 14 meters, building height of 7 meters.

In this building:

  • from may 1930 to June 1941 - rested artekovtsy;
  • from November 1941 to April 1944-lived German-Romanian occupants;
  • from August 1944 to 1964 – rested artekovtsy;
  • from 1965 to 1977 was a dining room for the Artek campers "Mountain" camp.
  • from January 1978 to 1980 was a school pioneer workers (PDS);
  • with 80-ies of the currently – living members of "Artek".