Bosco di Ciliegi has designed branded outfits with different colors and logos for each Artek camp. The outfits are made from eco-friendly materials.

A clothing center opened at Artek in 2016 with branches in all its camps to monitor quality and help children keep their clothes in good condition. The services include washing and ironing.

Form of the camp "Ozerny" Form of the camp "Cypress" Form of the camp "Polevoy"
Form of the camp "Lazurny" Form of the camp "Rechnoi" Form of the camp "Khrustalny"
Form of the camp "Yantarny" Form of the camp "Lesnoi" Form of the camp "Morskoi"
Tourist detachment Form of the Naval Detachment Outfitter Center "Bosko"


Artek uniform

Wearing the Artek uniform is one of the camp’s oldest traditions. Dating back to 1925 when the camp was founded, it has become a symbol of unity, team spirit and belonging to the big Artek family.

It all started with white shirts and shorts for boys and linen dresses for girls. After the Great Patriotic War, khaki became the most popular color. Children from different camps would wear different colored shirts. For example, beige ones were worn at Lazurny and light blue ones at Morskoi. Since the late 1990s, Artek campers have been provided with several sets of uniforms.(formal, everyday and sports). Each set consists of shirts, t-shirts, skirts or shorts, sweaters for winter, windbreakers, jeans and, of course, a signature sky blue garrison cap.

BOSCO DI CILIEGI revolutionized the Artek uniform. This was the official designer for Russia’s Olympic and Paralympic teams. Timed to Artek’s 90th anniversary the company created new camp uniforms. 

BOSCO DI CILIEGI designed a unique color scheme and a logo for each camp. From then on, each of the nine camps (Lazurny, Yantarny, Khrustalny, Morskoi, Rechnoi, Ozyorny, Lesnoi, Polevoi and Kiparisny) has had its very own uniform. The summer set alone includes about ten pieces of clothing. For formal occasions, these are navy blue trousers for boys and skirts for girls and a colorful shirt with adjustable sleeves. For every day, these are beige shorts and a polo shirt in each camp’s individual color. The set also includes a backpack, a hoodie, a windbreaker, a logo belt and a cap. In addition, marine, tourist and journalist groups get their own special uniforms too. Today the Artek uniform by BOSCO consists of formal and everyday sets and is made of organic materials.

All designs are unique but each color is part of the rainbow over the beautiful Artek land. In 2016, Artek opened a 300-square-meter outfitting center similar to the Olympic uniform center, with branches in every camp.

BOSCO has developed a program to motivate every child to keep their personal wardrobe clean and stylish. A child who dresses well, keeps their clothes clean and follows the dress code will receive daily sticker points from the company and the camp counselors. At the end of their stay, the kids can exchange their points for gifts from BOSCO such as Artek backpacks, bandanas, t-shirts and fridge magnets.

Apart from the uniforms, BOSCO provides Artek with bed linens, beach and shower towels. The company is also responsible for laundry and uniform maintenance.