Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin

Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin (1934 – 1968)
pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR (1961), Colonel,
Hero Of The Soviet Union (1961)

April 12, 1961, for the first time in history Yuri Gagarin made a 108 minute flight into space on the spaceship "Vostok", make one revolution around the Earth. Participated in the teaching and training of crews of astronauts.

The name of Gagarin named a crater on the dark side of the moon.

Photos For 1961 Gagarin "road to "Artek" ran through the space. Gagarin wrote: "I Returned from flight and has become a space a fabulous Republic red tie. Since Artek was not the time. I see blooms of Artek, built. More here teams, more and more Soviet children and children from different countries. I am very glad that Artek has opened a space city, and believe that no one else Artek resident will be a Ranger space trails".

Stay in "Artek", 23 September 1961; July 4 and November 21, 1962; April, 13 Aug 1963 13 Aug 1964; 16 June, from 18 to 25 July 1965; August 24, 1966; June 20 and July 15, 1967.


Place in children's camp "Marine" associated with the name of Yuri Gagarin

Cup astronauts

Photo 2011 the time of the September 23, 1961.

Location: campfire camps "Lower".

In honor of the heroes of the space on tender competitions were held on the "Altbau" for the prize of the pilot-cosmonauts of the USSR. Honorary judges of the competition was Yuri Gagarin and Gherman Titov. Prizes the winners received the famous astronauts. Diplomas were signed by them personally.

After the competition was announced the decision of the Artek campers of assignment Gagarin and Titov the title of Honorary Artek resident and entering their names in the Book of honour of Artek.

Since then, every year, on April 12, the world day of Astronautics, among the Artek campers are General competitions "Altbau". The team-winner sports games is awarded the challenge prize Cup "astronauts".



Photo 2011

Here Gagarin is often performed in front of the Artek campers and camp staff.


Holiday house "Artek"
(camp "Marine")


Photo 1965 Opened on 15 July 1965. The author of the project: Anatoly Trofimovich Polyansky, Moscow architect. Two-storey white building built of concrete, asbestos cement, aluminum and glass. Yuri Gagarin had a rest in the d/o "Artek" in the years 1965-1967. After the restoration of the building in June 2005, operates as a hotel-hostel.