The Camp "Sea"
  1. Olive grove
  2. The monument of Friendship the children of the world""
  3. Alley Samantha Smith
  4. A memorial sign in front of the Alley Samantha Smith
  5. Playground Friendship
  6. A memorial sign in honor of the opening of "Artek"
  7. Mosaic "Friendship"
  8. Decorative pool
  1. Monument Palmiro Togliatti
  2. Campfire area
  3. Mosaic "Artek"
  4. The house-Museum of Z. P. Soloviev
  5. Commemorative plaque of the Ministry of culture of the USSR on the wall of the house-Museum of Z. P. Soloviev
  1. The plaque on the wall of the house-Museum of Z. P. Soloviev
  2. The home-stay "Artek"
  3. the monument and tomb of the Unknown sailor
  4. Embankment named after Yuri Gagarin from
    d/l "Sea" to the sea port


Olive grove

Planted in 20-ies of the XIX century. The largest grove on the southern coast of Crimea.


In the early XIX century the lands of modern children's camp "Marine" belonged to count Gustav Olizar ( Dec 1824 - Mar 1832).. The estate was called "Cardiotech" (translated in Greek as "heart medication").

In 1832году A. M. Potemkin bought the count Olizar part (80 acres) of the estate of Artek.

In 1872 the owner of the estate became a minor grandnephew of T. B. Potemkina A. B. Golitsyn (law heritage joined in 1873).

I. A. Pervushin, Moscow Commerce adviser, in 1875, bought the estate Artek with parents A. B. Golitsyn in 1878 it passed to his sons.



Monuments to prominent figures of culture, art, science, and the memorable places connected with their stay in the XX -XXI century

Zinovy Petrovich Solov'ev (1876 – 1928)


Deputy people's Commissar of health of the RSFSR (1918), Chairman of the Central Committee of the ROCK (the Russian red cross society) (1919), Professor of social hygiene in 2-nd Moscow state University (1923) , editor of the magazines "society of Russian doctors in memory of N. And. Pirogov". Editor of the magazines "Public physician" and "Medical life". Secretary of the all-Russian League for fighting tuberculosis, the founder of Artek (1925).

Stay in "Artek" at various times from 1925 to 1928.



The house-Museum of Z. P. Soloviev
(camp "Marine")

Photo 1930 and 2011.

The house consists on the state account. The decision of the Crimean regional Executive Committee from 10.10.1986.

Built in the early nineteenth century.

The author of the project is unknown.

The house-Museum is built of rubble stone and lime mortar.

Its length is 5.8 meters, width 3.75 meters, height 4.5 meters.

To the Museum are 14 steps, paved with small stone slabs of volcanic rocks.

According to the testimony of the pre-revolutionary guides to the Crimea, not far from this house was a furnace for burning building lime. Apparently, the owner built this house for himself to reside at the kilns.

In the house:

  • in 1925 was Artek's kitchen;
  • in 1926, 1927, 1928, he lived in the summer of the founder of the "Artek" Zinoviy Petrovich Solovyov with his wife Margarita Ivanovna;
  • from 1929 to 1941 it housed the Museum exposition Z. P. Solovyov;
  • in the postwar years, lived counselors "Lower" camp, then there is stored material values;
  • from 1955 to 1960 he was the exposition of the Museum Z. P. Solovyov.
  • from 1970 to 2002, housed the Museum exposition Z. P. Solovyov.
The plaque
(on the wall of the house - Museum of Z. P. Solovyov)

Photos 2011, Opened on 15 June 1970, the 45th anniversary of Artek. Author: Alexander Yemelyantsev, Moscow sculptor . Installed at the side façade of the house-Museum on the left side. Plaque made of white marble (60x40 cm).

The Board bears the inscription:

In this house lived in 1925-1928 G. founder
sanatorium camp Artek
Zinoviy Petrovich Solovyov.

The letters painted in bronze.
The author of the text of V. T. whistles


Commemorative plaque of the Ministry of culture of the USSR

(on the wall of the house-Museum of Z. P. Solovyov)

Photo 2011 Established in 1986. The author of the project: Crimean art and design factory. Installed at the side façade of the house-Museum on the left side. Plaque made of black steel (53 x 46 cm) . On the blackboard is the inscription:

Historical and cultural building.
Protected by the state.
Damage to the monument is punishable by the state.




Challenge Cup "Z. P. Solovyov"

Photo 2011

Established on 16 June 1996 in honor of the 120th anniversary of the birthday of the founder of Artek.

Author: Romeo rafaelovich of Chatoev, Methodist of Department of sports work. Every year, June 16, the birthday of Artek , Artek campers are conducted among the General competitions "Altbau". The team – winner sports games is awarded the challenge prize Cup "Z. P. Soloviev."