Monuments to Yuri Gagarin and the founder of "Artek" Zinovy Solovyov

Nikolai Petrovich Krasnov (1864-1939)

Photo of 1917, the City architect of Yalta (1887), architect of the Imperial court (1911), academician (1913).

According to the project of Krasnov in the resort "Suuk-su", built : Kurhaus and a tomb over the grave of the Berezina, stair ensemble from the Kurhaus to the sea, sculpture of the goddess Nike, a music stage.

From the extensive list of works of Nikolay Petrovich for the period 1887-1914 years – the highest peak of his activities draw the attention of the world famous Livadia Palace –the summer residence of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II; the Palace "Dulber" of Grand Duke Peter Nikolaevich; Church of the Transfiguration and St. Nina; the Palace estate of the Grand Duke Georgy Mikhailovich "Kharaks", the Yusupov palaces in Koreiz and Cocopah; Villa "Ksenia" in Simeiz.

In may 1919 (during Civil war) Krasnov emigrated first to Malta, and then, at the invitation of the government of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (since 1929 the Kingdom of Yugoslavia), moved to Belgrade.

Yugoslavia was a Russian architect of the second home, a shelter for his family and provided the opportunity to continue his or her job. Died N. P. Red 8 Dec 1939 and was buried in the Russian sector of the Belgrade cemetery.


Photo 2011

Modern Palace "Suuk-su", built of Inkerman stone in the Foundation of surviving Kursaal (November 1952 – 28 Dec 1960 ). The building in General, repeats the appearance of the Resort "Suuk-su", built in 1903.

Palace "Suuk-su" is government registered. The decision of the Crimean regional Executive Committee from 13.02.1970.




Photo 1961 Opened on 23 April 1961.

Project author: Sergei Kanev, a Moscow architect.

In the Palace, "Suuk-su" on the 1st floor on the left side are:

Aerospace exhibition, in the creation of which was attended by Sergei Korolev – chief designer of spacecraft and Yuri Gagarin – the first cosmonaut of the USSR.

In 1978, the exhibition was awarded the Diploma of SIMEA(international Union of children's democratic organizations) for the great advocacy and educational work with children. In 1996, the exhibition has received the status of a Museum "Space".


The plaque (the Palace of "Suuk-su")

Photos 2011 Open July 28, 1967 to the 10th anniversary of the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite (4 October 1957).

Author: Alexander Yemelyantsev, Moscow sculptor

The author of the text: Vladimir Tikhonovich whistles, head of methodological Department of "Artek"

Plaque made of white marble (70 x 40 cm). The plaque bears the text:


Space exhibition created on the initiative and with the participation of Yu. a. Gagarina 28 July 1967

The letters painted in bronze. At the opening ceremony of a space exhibition Sergei Ignatievich Rudenko (1904), Marshal (1955), hero of the Soviet Union (1944), head of the air force Academy. Yuri Gagarin (1968-1973) has deciphered the word Artek:

  • Andveazie,
  • Racity,
  • Trodolyubie,
  • Ea with an Ecumenical vocation,
  • Toosmosis.

A Monument To Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin
(the Space Museum)
Photos 2011 Open 16 June 1975 on the day of the 50th anniversary of "Artek."

Author: Alexander Yemelyantsev. Moscow sculptor.

The monument is a bust of Yuri Gagarin. Yuri is shown without headdress, in the suit of an astronaut. The sculpture depicts Gagarin before the space flight, he froze in a moment of clarity, eyes looking up. Yuri Gagarin like meets and blesses going to the Museum "Space".

The bust is made of white marble (size 90 x 90cm).

On the 2nd floor of the Palace "Suuk-su" are:

  • methodical library
  • library children's camp "azure"
  • methodical and Museum and exhibition departments.
  • 16 June 1975 at the 50th anniversary of "Artek" was opened Museum of the history of "Artek", which contains documents describing the life and deeds of the Artek campers of different generations.

A Monument To Zinovy Petrovich Soloviev
(Museum of the history of "Artek", hall 2)


Photo 2011

Set in 1962, the 86th anniversary of the birth of the founder of "Artek" in the house-Museum of Z. P. Soloviev (camp "Marine").

Author: Alexander Yemelyantsev, Moscow sculptor.

The monument is a bust of Z. P. Solovyov. The doctor is shown without headdress. The bust is made of white plaster.

In 2002, the Museum moved from Solovyov to the Museum of history of "Artek".




The plaque of the Ministry of culture of the USSR
(on the Palace wall "Suuk-su")

Photo 2011 Established in 1970. The plaque is mounted to the right of the main entrance. Manufacturer: Crimean art and design factory.

The author of the text: the Ministry of culture of the USSR. Material: metal. Board dimensions: 0.50 h 0.45 m.

On the Board, overhead metal letters is the inscription:

Of the Ukrainian SSR. Monument. Historical and memorial building. Protected by the state. Damage to the monument is punishable by the state.



The plaque
(on the Palace wall "Suuk-su")


Photos 2011, Opened on 11 September 1997 for the centenary of the acquisition of land in Suuk-su, V. I. Berezin, and O. M. Solovieva. The author of the project and the manufacturer of the Board: Alexander Vygolov, Yalta designer, member of Union of designers of Ukraine .

The authors of the text: George Naumovich Solovyov (Salzburg, Austria) and Galina M. Berezina (Minsk, Belarus), the grandchildren of the founders of the resort "Suuk-su".

A plaque mounted on the wall, overlooking the Black sea.


Photo 1997

Photo 1997

At the opening ceremony of the memorial plaque was made by Mikhail Mikhailovich Sidorenko, the General Director of ICC "Artek". G. N. Soloviev and G. M. Berezina unveiled the memorial plaque.

Material: metal. Dimensions: 0.60 x 0.45 m)


On the Board, overhead metal letters is the inscription.

iv class="manuscript" style="text-align: center;">
"The founders of the resort Suuk-su
well-known engineer of the Berezina, Vladimir Ilyich 1841 – 1900
and his wife Solovieva Olga M. 1865 – 1935".