Camp Lazurny
  1. The Central entrance to the territory d/l "azure"
  2. The house of the commandant of the resort "Suuk-su"
  3. Family vault Beresini
  4. Obschezhite Kashtan
  5. The receiving corps
  6. Clinic Artek
  7. Stairs from primnogo case to a blue case
  8. Water tower
  9. Hotel Orlinoye Gnezdo
  10. Medical hospital
  11. Palace "Suuk-Su"
  12. The plaque commemorating the opening of the space exhibition at the Museum "Space"
  1. Monument to Yuri Gagarin at the Museum "Space"
  2. The monument of Z. P. Soloviev, in the Museum of Artek history
  3. Monument to S. Smith at the Museum of Artek history
  4. The plaque of the Ministry of culture of the USSR on the Palace wall "Suuk-su"
  5. A plaque in honor of N. To. Kupski on the Palace wall "Suuk-su"
  6. A plaque in honor of I. V. Berezin and O. M. Solovieva
  7. Stair ensemble of the Palace "Suuk-su" to the sea
  8. The bridge over the river "Suuk-su"
  9. Pumping station resort "Suuk-su"
  10. Music Estrada resort "Suuk-su"
  11. Fantastic small town "Pushkin's path"
  1. The Monument To A. S. Pushkin
  2. Lookout
  3. Pushkin grotto
  4. Red cottage
  5. Yellow cottage
  6. Green cottage
  7. Blue Cottage
  8. Shalyapin rock
  9. Commemorative plaque on the site of the estate of F. I. Chaliapin
  10. Balustrade
  11. A plaque with the names of heroes-Artek campers
  12. Dining room
  13. Palekh painting
  14. The Bust Of Vladimir M. Komarov


In the early nineteenth century coastal lands of today's camp "azure" was in the possession of the landowner Usein Abduramanova. In 1829, a retired Lieutenant of Alexander the Crimea weights purchased from W. Abduramanova about 20 acres - raw land (1 desyatina -1,09 ha) in Suuk-su.


Alexander Crimea Giray (1788 – 1846),


Sultan, a nobleman, Lieutenant. On his land he built a two-storey house (now the cottage "eagle's nest), planted vineyards and fruit garden. After the death of A. I. Crimea the city's owners of the estate are his children.

In 1874, the heirs of Crimea the city's sold the estate to the "Suuk-su" sisters Golitsyn – the widow of the Colonel of guards to Princess Sophia Alexandrovna Yermolova and the Baroness Maria Alexandrovna Shipping first marriage Perfilieva.

In 1897 the actual state Councilor Vladimir Ilyich Berezin acquired the estate of "Suuk-su" at the Princess Sophia Alexandrovna Yermolova and Baroness Maria Alexandrovna Shipping for 47 thousand rubles in silver (as evidenced by the deed dated September 13, 1897).

From 1898 to 1899 years Vladimir Ilyich Berezin increases the ownership of "Suuk-su" , prikopa from local residents plots of land. Berezin devotes himself to creating a resort "Suuk-su" .

1 Aug 1903 resort "Suuk-su" is opened.

After the October revolution resort "Suuk-su" was nationalized, with the 1923 opening of a new house of the CEC (Central Executive Committee ) of the USSR.

17 November 1936 rest house of "Suuk-su" was given to "Artek". Thus began a new era of resort "Suuk-su" - the era of "Suuk-su" children's camp "azure".