I. A. Bunin, Anton Chekhov, F. I. Shalyapin and his dream about the castle

Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin (1870 – 1953)

Russian writer, honorary academician of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1909), Nobel prize (1933).

Photo 1930

Lived in the "Suuk-su" ("eagle's nest") in 1900 and was at Breakfast in the "Suuk-su" April 14, 1901года.

Vacationing in the "Suuk-su" ("eagle's nest") in August 1912. Ivan Alekseevich Bunin left us in his works an unusually vivid poetic images of the Crimean land. So beautifully about the Crimea no one else wrote.

"... In the spring of 1901, while walking Ivan and Chekhov at Suuk-su, along with students from Gurzuf, in front of the tomb of V. I. Berezin wrote the following impromptu stanza (which is the school – Slashing Zapala):

"Buried here a rich engineer,
He died in Paris.
But if he lived closer
That much he would have done good",
- from the book by G. N. Solovyov's "Crossing of fates".

 Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860 – 1904),

Russian writer, honorary academician of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1900-1902).
Photo 1900

Visited the estate of "Suuk-su" in 1900, April 14, 1901, and in the fall of 1903.

Chekhov and Bunin had Breakfast at the resort's restaurant April 14, 1901. In his memoirs, V. N. Urmantseva-Bunin says about this episode:

"... The Breakfast was lively, the Czechs in a very jovial and everyone was in a better mood. When the bill came, Ivan took out his purse, but A. P. had detained him, saying that the bill will show him the house. Arriving home, with a playful expression for a long time he wrote and thought on paper. Then he handed the paper to Ivan Alekseevich with the words: "Here's Your bill, Mr. Boucheron"...


Mr. M. Boucheron (FR.the Deputy and the Marquis) spent on You:

1 front seat in the cab 5 rubles
5 bulls and La femme about AU naturel 1 ruble 50 kopecks
1 bottle of wine, extra sec 2 rubles 75 kopecks
4 shots of vodka 1 ruble 20 kopecks
1 fillet 2 rubles
2 skewers of lamb 2 rubles
2 bagels 2 rubles
salad of TIR-Bouchon 1 ruble
coffee 2 rubles
other 11 rubles

Total 27 rubles 75 kopecks

Respectfully, Anton and Maria Chekhov, the homeowners"
- from the book by G. N. Solovyov's "Crossing of fates".


Kuprin (1870 – 1938)

Photo 1929

Vasily Ivanovich
Surikov (1848 – 1916)

Photo 1915
Aleksey Maximovich
Gorky (Peshkov) (1868 – 1936)

Portrait of I. Brodsky's 1937
Russian writer. Attended in the "Suuk-su" in April 1901. Painter. Was a guest in the "Suuk-su" ("eagle's nest") in the summer of 1913. Russian writer, publicist.

Visited the estate of "Suuk-su" in July 1016. Was visiting F. I. Chaliapin.


Feodor Ivanovich Chaliapin (1873 – 1938)

Photo 1900 Singer (bass), people's artist of the Republic (1918)

Vacationing in the "Suuk-su" ("eagle's nest") in the summer of 1916 and 1917.

The largest representative of the Russian realistic for the performing arts. Have created a gallery of diverse images, revealing the complex inner world of the hero. Opera singer (performer of arias, Russian folk songs, romances), Director, artist. Since 1922 he lived abroad. In exile, the singer has not created anything new. Homesickness and thoughts about the Russian work did not leave him. Died 12 APR 1938 in Paris, buried in the cemetery of Batignolles.

In 1984, the ashes of Chaliapin moved from Paris to Moscow at the Novodevichy cemetery. The repatriation of the remains of Fyodor Ivanovich produced with the wishes of the children Chaliapin who performed the will of the father.

Since 1982 in Kazan at the home of the singer of the Opera festival Shalyapin (1991 international) and since 1989 -- competition of Opera singers Shalyapin (1993-international).


Cape FUTA (Barbatus)


This will move the array from the Main ridge of the Crimean mountains. The height of the promontory is 40 m above sea level.

In 1917, she bought a "Mullet" the mistress of the estate "Suuk-su" Olga Mikhailovna Solovieva, as evidenced by a bill of sale dated July 29, 1917: "sold Fyodor Ivanovich Chaliapin land 1488 sq yards in 10 000...,...rock, named before "Pushkin" should now be called "Shalyapin's rock"".

The map of the estate of "Suuk-su"sold the plot marked "Estate of F. I. Chaliapin".

This documentmeets us with certainty to dispel the popular myth about the current, supposedly a dedication to the earth Solovieva in the house.


Photos 2011 Rock Chaliapin

...In the seventeenth year, in July,
In the night the twelfth hour
Went from Gurzuf in the new moon
In Suuk-su
A crowd of people. They were led by Chaliapin
Its on the banks of the rock
In white shirt, white hat,
Huge moving in the darkness...

S. N. Sergeyev-Tsensky, writer, academician

Side facade of the castle of arts. Sketch of A. V. Shchusev, 1917

On the rock decided to build Fedor "... the castle of the arts for the talented Russian youth".

According to the plan Chaliapin architect I. A. Fomin has completed the project "castle". Was bought tapestries for the walls, cleared the approaches to the rock lined retaining wall stone bridge.

Unfortunately, the dream of Fyodor Ivanovich was not realized after the revolution of 1917 Chaliapin away from home, in Paris. In his memoirs, he has returned to this corner of the Crimea: "my Dream I left Russia a broken... Sometimes I say: I will find some noble lover of art, who will create Your theatre. I jokingly asked, " and where he will take the Pushkin rock?".

"... I have not created their own theatre. There will be others – will create! Art is eternal, like life itself, " - said Fedor.

In Moscow research Institute, the Museum of architecture. A. V. Shchusev preserved 4 sketch for the project of "the lock of arts", made with ink and watercolors:

  • side facade;
  • the facade of the tower from the bridge;
  • General view at night;
  • the sketch of the statue of Poseidon.


Photo 2011 Built in 1899.

Author: Vladimir Ilyich Berezin

The transition length 17 metres, width of 5.5 meters.

The transition has four pylons, which are four decorative flower vases.

The piers and parapet are made of hewn limestone.




Commemorative plaque on the site of the estate of F. I. Chaliapin
at Cape FUTA)

Photos 1997 on September 19, 1997 during the celebration of the centennial anniversary of the resort "Suuk-su" and the 80th anniversary of the acquisition of land, Chaliapin, M. O. Solovieva. The author of the project and the manufacturer, Victor I. Protsenko, Simferopol artist, member of Union of artists of Ukraine, the author of the text: Vladimir Tikhonovich whistles, Methodist Museum-exhibition Department of "Artek".

Commemorative plaque installed in front of the Cape Chaliapin on the fence facing the children's camp "azure".

Material: tinplate. Size : 0.60 x 0.40 m On the Board, painted white, made a thumbnail image of "the lock of arts" and the text:

There are in the Crimea, Suuk-su, a rock by the sea and named after Pushkin. I decided to build a Castle of Art. It is the castle. I said to myself, were the castles of the kings, the knights, why not the castle to be the artists?"
F. I. Shalyapin

Photo 1997 the opening ceremony of the Board were present:

  • Lydia Iola Liberati (Rome, Italy), granddaughter of F. I. Shalyapin;
  • George Naumovich Solovyov (Salzburg, Austria) and Galina M. Berezina (Minsk, Belarus), the grandchildren of the founders of the resort "Suuk-su";
  • Sergey V. Yerokhin, Deputy Director General of ICC "Artek";
  • Nikolai Mikhailovich Midday, singer, people's artist of Ukraine and Honoured artist of Russia;
  • Leonard I. Kondratenko, Artek and Crimea poet;
  • The Staff Of "Artek". L. I. Liberati unveiled with a commemorative plaque.


George N.
Solovyov (b. 1921)

Photo 1997

Berezina (b. 1939)

Photo 1997
Lydia Iola

Photo 1997

philologist, Professor at the Sorbonne and the universities of California, the grandson of V. I. Berzin, and M. O. Solovieva. Lives in Salzburg, Austria. In Artek was in 1997 and 1999.

Fellow of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, the granddaughter of the founders of the resort "Suuk-su". Lives in Minsk, Belarus. In Artek was in 1997 and 2006.

Granddaughter of F. I. Shalyapin, the daughter of Tatiana and video recording / editing.

Lives in Rome, Italy. In Artek was in 1997.