A voucher


Vouchers for the International Child Centre "Artek" are issued in recognition of children’s educational, creative, sports or social achievements. To apply for a voucher, a child needs to create an account on the website of the Putyovka (Voucher) automated information system, log in, create a profile listing achievements for the past three years (commendations, diplomas, etc.) and fill out the application form.

Putyovka support

Children must create profiles on the Putyovka (Voucher) automated information system in order to receive Artek vouchers.

Putyovka support desk:

                                        Telephone:            +7 (978) 700 8914

                                        Email:                   ais-putevka@artek.org

                                        Hours:                   daily, from 8 am to 8 pm 



  • Three printed copies of the child’s passport – pages with the photograph, passport stamp and visa (if applicable).
  • A copy of the passport of a parent or legal representative along with the document granting permission to accompany the child (e.g. notarized authorization from the child’s parents).
  • A copy of the migration card (for Customs Union member states: notification from the parents or legal representatives certifying that the child has crossed the border).
  • An application from a parent or legal representative on enrolling the child at the International Child Centre «Artek» (download the form).
  • An application for the camp’s activities  (download the form).
  • The filled-out voucher signed by a parent or legal representative (download the form).
  • Voluntary consent of a parent or legal representative to conduct inspection of the student’s personal belongings  (download the form).
  • Consent of the parents or legal representatives on compliance with the rules (download the form).
  • Consent of the personal data processing  (download the form).
  • Letter from school


Each child must bring the following medical documents to the camp:

  • Child’s Medical record  (download the form) certified at a healthcare facility in the child’s place of residence within 10 days of departure to Artek, including information about the sanitary and epidemiological situation in the place of residence obtained within three days of departure. 
  • Consent for hospital admission of a minor, due to medical condition, to a health center located off the premises of the Federal State Budget Educational Institution «International Child Centre «Artek»  (download the form)
  • Informed voluntary consent to the types of medical interventions  (download the form).
  • Medical insurance valid in Crimea (with a copy).
  • Immunization record.
  • Voluntary informed consent for vaccination of a minor or refusal  (download the form).

Children should be vaccinated according to their age and the epidemiological situation in their home region. All children should be vaccinated against influenza between November and April, and tick-borne encephalitis between April and November. If your child has not been vaccinated, you need to be vaccinated to sign a refusal in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia of 2009 No. 19H. Please check if your child has ever been treated for a fungal infection or scabies.

This information will not be used to send your child home, but will save him unnecessary psychological stress or medical procedures.

The child's medical record must be completed by a pediatrician or family doctor in English or Russian.

Children with the following conditions cannot visit Artek:

  1. Any disease in the acute stage.

  2. Infectious and parasitic diseases, including tuberculosis.

  3. Infectious skin diseases (mycosis, scabies).

  4. All forms of pediculosis (i.e., lice infestation).

  5. Malignant tumors (remission less than a year).

  6. Bronchial asthma (remission less than a year).

  7. All forms of epilepsy, including seizures of any etiology.

  8. Mental and behavioral disorders (acute phase/unstable remission) compounded by emotional, behavioral and social adaptation problems, which makes such children dangerous to themselves and others.

  9. Severe musculoskeletal disorders, injury, poisoning and certain other effects of external causes that require personal medical assistance.

  10. Diabetes.

  11. Systemic connective tissue diseases.

  12. Alcohol, drug and psychoactive substance abuse.


Campers must be able to take care of themselves. Children who have been advised by a medical professional to avoid additional stress on the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems may not attend.

All children are to undergo a medical checkup upon arrival at the camp. Children with lice infestation will receive treatment. Please indicate in the medical form if your child has already been treated for pediculosis, mycosis or scabies. Such children are exempt from further treatment.

Children with health contraindications or lacking properly filled-out medical records WILL BE SENT BACK with a chaperone at the expense of the organization or person who sent the child to the camp. The healthcare facility that filled out the child’s medical record form will be notified of the reasons the child was not admitted to the camp.

Should a child fall ill, the camp will provide meals and medical treatment until a full recovery is made, even it takes longer than the child’s planned stay at the camp. Or the child can be sent home with the consent of the parents or chaperone, in which case the child will be supplied with sufficient medicine for the trip home.

The date and conditions of the child’s return home after recovering will be coordinated with the organization that sent the child to Artek and the parents. There are no partial refunds in case of early departure from Artek.



Before the medical checkups, the chaperone shall include the following documents in each child’s medical record:

  • all health certificates;
  • a copy of the child’s medical insurance policy;
  • a copy of the child’s foreign travel passport (the page spread with the photograph);
  • voluntary informed consent for medical treatment filled out by the parents.

Support desk for questions on documents required by Artek:

                           Telephone:       +7 (978) 700 8914

                                   Email:       KBarash@artek.org




  • Personal care products.
  • Beach towel.

Fall and winter season (September to April):

  • A tracksuit and closed-toe athletic footwear.
  • Two pairs of jeans or pants.
  • Comfortable everyday footwear, flip flops for the pool, indoor shoes, a second pair of athletic shoes for indoor activities.
  • Warm waterproof boots/ankle boots for rainy, wet and cold weather.
  • Swimsuit, swimming cap for the pool.
  • Pajamas/nightgown.
  • 5−6 pairs of socks/knee socks, including warm ones.
  • Undergarments (underwear, undershirts, etc.).
  • Headwear, gloves.
  • Holiday clothing for performances.

Spring and summer season (May to September):

  • Tracksuit and closed-toe athletic footwear.
  • Two pairs of jeans or pants.
  • Sneakers, shoes, closed heel sandals, flip flops for the beach.
  • Baseball cap, kerchief or sun hat.
  • Swimsuit (preferably two pairs).
  • 5−6 pairs of socks/knee socks.
  • Undergarments (underwear, undershirts, etc.).
  • Pajamas/nightgown.
  • 2−3 T-shirts.
  • Shorts (2−3 pairs).

Writing implements for school (during the school year):

  • Planner or notebook for entering class times.
  • Backpack or schoolbag.

Children studying at specialized program schools can bring their textbooks, as only general school textbooks are available at Artek.

Please be advised:

Clothing and footwear must be comfortable (worn-in shoes are recommended).

Don’t give your children anything expensive to take (cameras, tablets, smartphones, gold items). Losing them may upset the children.

Pocket money

Each Artek camp allows children to deposit their money for safekeeping on arrival day. They are assigned a personal account from which they can withdraw money when necessary.



Children are to arrive at and depart from Artek on specially designated days. The list of arrival and departure days for 2017 is available in the Schedule section.

Groups of children and children travelling alone are to arrive at the Artek Hotel located at 5 Gagarin Street, Simferopol, Republic of Crimea.

Children accompanied by a parent or guardian can arrive at the Artek Hotel at the above address or at the Marketing Department located at 41 Leningradskaya Street, Gurzuf, Yalta Municipality, Republic of Crimea.

Children travelling to or from Artek alone must have notarized permission from a parent or guardian to cross the border and travel across Russia as well as tickets from their place of residence to Simferopol and/or back. Information about the date and time of arrival/departure and the flight number is to be emailed to marketing@artek.org

Departing children will be released to:

  • A parent or guardian with valid ID.
  • Other persons who have notarized permission from the children’s parents.
  • Children with notarized permission from their parents to cross the border and travel across Russia alone will be accompanied by Artek employees on the official departure day to Simferopol Airport, railway or bus station from which they are returning home.

Artek will not release a child to anyone without notarized permission from his/her parents.