Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin

Gagarin (1934 – 1968)

Photo 1966

Pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR (1961), Colonel, hero of the Soviet Union (1961)

Some places in the "Mountain" associated with the name of Yuri Gagarin

Gagarin Polyana

On the slope of Ayu-Dag, near the greenhouse. Opened on 23 September 1961. Author: Dmitriy A. Trusevich, Director of the pioneer camp "Artek".

Children's camp "the Crystal"

In 1975, the name Yuri Gagarin has the team "crystal". In may 2005, on the housing wall of the camp "Crystal" plaque (70 x 35 cm) with text in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages:

Founded on 24 June 1966.

children's camp "the Crystal" is the name of Yuri Gagarin.


Monument To Yuri Gagarin
Photos 2012

Located at the Eastern facade of building children's camp "the Crystal" the Monument was erected April 12, 1978 in Gagarin hall (in connection with the assignment in 1975, the pioneer squad "crystal" named after Yuri Gagarin).

After restoration the monument was inaugurated on 25 June 2011 on the day of the 45th anniversary of children's camp "Crystal" named after Yury Gagarin. Author: Alexander, Bezlyudko, Director of children's camp "Crystal". Author: Alexander Yemelyantsev, Moscow sculptor, Professor.

The monument is a bust of Yuri Gagarin, mounted on a pedestal in the form of a vertical rectangular prism (the height from the ground of 1.30 meter; width 0,66 m, thickness 0.25 meters). Concrete pedestal lined with faux ceramic tiles grey.

The bust is made of white marble (height of 0.60 meters. The width of the swing arms 0,70 meter). The astronaut is depicted bareheaded, in a training suit. Look to the future.

On the pedestal there is a Board made of aluminum alloy gray ( at a height of 0.21 m, a width of 0.31 m), it is knocked out:

The first cosmonaut of the planet Earth - Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin.



12 April 2011: 50th anniversary of the flight of Yuri Gagarin into space in "Artek"


Photo 2011

Made and raised on the flagpole of the camp "Crystal" (from 1975 bears the name of the first cosmonaut) flag with a picture of the guest of honour Artek resident Yuri Gagarin.

Silk canvas blue color (1,15 x 1,6 m).

Right and left on the flag, horizontally written – Crystal. In the middle depicts Yuri Gagarin in a spacesuit, an astronaut painted the rocket, on which is inscribed the word – the Artek logo and "Daisy Artek".

Under the image, to honour Artek resident written large Crystal, below the words of the song: "All dreams come true..."

Author: Alexander, Bezlyudko, Director of children's camp "Crystal".


Have a camp fire square of children camp "Crystal" planted 7 trees – TUI (exactly what has just arrived in "Artek" legendary astronaut).

Authors of idea: teachers are the organizers of the camp "Crystal".

Exhibition "Space photos-ode" in the Palace "Suuk-su". Unique photographs telling about the meetings of the Artek campers with Yuri Gagarin in different years of his stay in "Artek"

Author: Natalia Ilinichna Kuchmenova, Methodist Museum and exhibition Department .

At the Central stadium for 1,500 of the Artek campers held a celebration of technical creativity "Star start". Model made with your own hands, launched into the sky the young air and rocketmodeler. In the festive events attended and young avtomodelisty and smetati.